November 27, 2018


Jorge Chavez


Elder Guzman

Letter 16

What's going on everyone?

This week was probably one of the best weeks on the mission for me. It was awesome! I had an intercambio with our district leader Elder Gavidia and it was awesome. He is amazing. He's from Iquitos, Peru and he is an amazing teacher. He really relies on the spirit, it's pretty cool to watch. He really gave me more confidence and motivated me to be better and work harder. Since then, it's been great because we've been improving and finding new ways to be successful. I honestly have not been happier on the mish.

Thanksgiving was this week and we celebrated with papa johns haha. Not a true Thanksgiving, but it was good. I turned 19 this week. Man I'm getting old. I wasn't really expecting anything because I'm in a different country and I haven't known any of these people that long, but we showed up to lunch and a big cake was waiting for me with a big sign that said, "feliz dia elder" haha it was awesome. Later that night, a member invited us over and she gave me another cake. So I have 2 giant cakes in my room right now. I've never really been a big cake fan, but these cakes are super good. One of them is a chocolate cake with caramel in the middle and the other one is a coconut cake. One of the traditions in Peru on birthdays is to smash eggs on the head of whoever's birthday it is. I think its a stupid tradition because it's just a waste of eggs, but I was on guard the whole day waiting for a member to try to smash 19 eggs on my head. I thought I was in the clear, but when we were heading back from dinner with our district the other missionaries in our district pulled out eggs and started throwing them at me. So, I was covered in eggs. Still not a huge fan of that tradition, but at least I wont have to worry about it for another year. My birthday really was a happy one and thank you to all of you who wished me a happy birthday you guys are awesome. Have a great week

Elder Andelin


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