November 19, 2018


Jorge Chavez


Elder Guzman

Letter 15

Como esta mi gente? KLK! This week was pretty good. Ups and downs as usual. We just have some investigators that aren't progressing and it's pretty frustrating. We have also found one or two new investigators that are really ready for the gospel, so the Lord really does guide people to us. It's good to see that. One of the things that we have been doing lately is working more with the members and it has made all of the difference! I had no idea how big of a role members played in the work until now. Some people that we have worked with for months will finally have a break through because of having members in the lessons. So, for all you members out there, really try to get more involved in the missionary work! Give the missionaries references and go with them out on lessons. Embrace the new members because that makes all the difference.

Sorry for the short email, but that's it for now.
Elder Andelin

Thanks for the updates yeah I know my birthdays this week. IM gonna be 19 pretty crazy. People know its my birthday, but the ward is having a temple trip on my birthday so most of the ward members will be gone, but it's ok. I'm just going to celebrate on my own. I opened the package. I couldn't wait. Thank you so much for everything that was in it. The chocolate made it!! Its really good. I think the most valuable thing in it was the cheez its and the peppermint patties and the sour patch watermelon. Cause those will last. But Elder Guzman loves his rubiks cube he even brought it to the zone conference and the asistents had to tell him to put it away haha. This week was good. This week had ups and downs. I had some times where I just felt frustrated. Our mission president tells us that we need to bring forth fruit to the lord and we haven't been successful the past few weeks and I have just been frustrated with why our investagators arent progressong and If Im doing something wrong and just feeling discouraged. But Then I had some good times where we found some awesome people who are ready to hear the gospel so thats missionary week. Its like I'm bipolar haha. But today Im good. Btw I heard this new song in chilis today by Ed sheeren and I loved it. I dont know if its just because I havent heard music in years or what but it was nice


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