September 12, 2018




Elder Anderson

Week 6

Hola everyone,

This weeks been a pretty awesome week. I got sick again haha. I've been getting hammered in the CCM! I've been sick for more time here than I haven't. But I'm getting better so it's all good. I learned that my roommate elder Sanchez does parkour, in Paraguay. He would like jump off of buildings and stuff and do flips and all of that cool stuff. He's super awesome. I'm going to miss him. This week I got to go proselyting and It was so awesome. I actually almost didn't go cause I was feeling like basura (trash), but I was praying like crazy and I just went for it and I'm so glad I did cause it was an awesome experience. We went proselyting in Lima East and it was pretty crazy. So I'm going to try to describe Lima the best way I can. First off, there's tons of poverty. The CCM is in the nice part of town, so I was pretty surprised when I saw some people´s houses are literally one room with a bed and that's it! It's very humbling. It is also extremely polluted here. You can literally see the pollution in the air. It is also very dirty and dusty. They have mountains, but they are literally piles of dirt. Nothing on's weird. And there's millions of dogs everywhere not the cute ones, the nasty rabies looking ones. The traffic here is insane and the people here are the craziest drivers I've ever seen. I don't think anyone follows rules and the police don't have a lot of authority here. They just stand there and blow their whistles. Everyone honks at each other it's pretty funny. Also, we went into a store to buy inca cola , which is the most popular soda here. It's pretty good, I like it. It costs more money if you want to drink it out of the bottle, so what they do is they pour it into bags. So, I drank my inca cola out of a bag. It like blew my mind. I wish I had a pic. But that's Lima in a nutshell. The people here are just so awesome. They're super polite and nice and I've learned so much from them. Especially the Latino missionaries. A lot of them don't have any support from home and it's kind of sad, but they are still faithful. Also, I met this guy the other day who is 26 and he's an engineer, but as soon as heard about the gospel he dropped everything and now he's here in the CCM! It's pretty amazing. It made me realize how blessed I've been in my life.

The missionary work here is awesome. It's very different than I expected and it's different for every mission, but basically what we do is we are looking for God's elect people called escogidos. So, what i would do is, I would literally walk up to people and say buenos dias, would you like to come to church with me this Sunday? That's the first thing you say. Pretty crazy right? If someone did that to me in America I would be like no way man, get away from me. But here it works! It's crazy! You invite people to church and a lot of them say yes. We got like 6 or 7 different numbers of people that wanted to come. The reason they invite people to church first is because they want to see who really wants to change and by showing up to church, you're saying that you're willing to make changes and hear the gospel. Lima East is actually a very successful mission as far as I understand. Our senior companion said that the field is so white and ready to harvest in Peru that your success basically depends on how hard you are willing to work and I'm so excited to be able to do that next week in Piura.

Love you all,
Elder Andelin

Hey! How's it goin'? Those strawberries and apples look so good. I just learned this week that we´re not allowed to eat strawberries in the field for some reason so that's a bummer. I can't believe kolei got interviewed on the news. That's awesome haha. Proselyting was awesome. My senior companion was an awesome guy and I could tell he was a good missionary. He said that he met Garin Whitby. I learned more from him than the actual experience. He gave us tons of tips and they´ll help a ton. He said that he's had some months with 10 baptisms each month so that's pretty crazy. It was an awesome experience I loved every second of it. I was expecting it to tear my confidence down cause I don't know enough Spanish, but it actually built it up somehow and I'm like super excited to get out there! There will be struggles of course, but I'm ready for the next step. I miss you guys


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