July 9, 2018


Looking Town, Sierra Leone


Elder Kaboshi

Where are you?

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From: Brendan Ball
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2018, 9:51 AM
Subject: Re: Where are you?

Try looking up kissy LDS church and just south of it, going up the mountian, is our area. VERY SMALL towns change every mountian valley almost. we have to cross 2-3 towns just to get to the internet cafe. the food is fine they have some good spices here, lots of peppers though. the FM (free Meals) from members are very hot!!! and its not mexican food hot that i like. its different and it burns ahaha. we mostly eat spaghetti noodles with tomato paste and hotdogs as the meat. we also put a cup of mixed veggies in the bowl too. the way the locals and missionarys eat is intresting too. since its hard to get plates and dishes to use, and to wash, they usually just keep the food in the pot and put x amount of forks in the pot and dig in! my companion kan tok smol smol krio, Kushe!!!! and ill tell you what.. there is NO english here you have to sabe krio! and in other towns like Kenema, Bo, or Makeni, they speak Mendi or Timini, which are Very different, and more broken. krio is just the closest to english.

And the Lord is working wonders. there is no possible way i could even do anything without his blessings in my life. I would send pictures though but I lost my camera 3 days ago. all the pictures too. but there is a bunch of missionarys leaving tomorrow and im buying one off of them for Le 450,000. which is about $55-$60.

Elder Brendan Ball


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