July 2, 2018


Freetown,,Sierra Leone


Update!! Weekly :)

Salone is great and terrible at the same time for these first 5 days.
   The mission area I'm in is Kissy in Looking Town. Our ward is the Kissy 2 ward. I love all the greenery all around. there are soo many trees that make it beautiful here. But the terrain is a mountain side with no roads or road system linking houses together. And by mountain side I mean Mountain side its very steep here. The people here are very nice and friendly. they love saying Ow di bodi! or Haw Self? and just all around greeting is very popular. a very funny thing that I love is all the paikin (Kids) shout White Man! White Man! when I walk by. they run up to me croud me shake my hand and then run off (sometimes) laughing and shouting elda BOLL, elda BOLL, or white man! I love it its great. the kids are soooo much fun!

   As for the terrible part, having to hike up a mountain all the time all day long makes you very tired, and even I the great Brendan Ball who never runs out of energy, is EXHAUSTED at the end of the day and all the time some days. It sucks, eating rice all the time and drinking plain water, sometimes I lose my appetite with some smells that waft themselves into the apartment. which is not good, I need to be eating like Michael Phelps to keep up with the amount of calories I'm burning. but the Lord, through a very huge and greatly appreciated meriacle gives me the energy to do his work. Sleeping is another thing that sucks. Sierra Leone is like the melting pot of religion, there is sooooo much religion between christian to Muslim to the spaghetti god I'm sure that the music and practices keep us up at night. so I don't get much rest.
   But the thing that makes it all worth it is being with members and investigators. I think the Lord makes all other parts of the mission suck so I'll want to be with them teaching them more often.. all my doubts, fears, tiredness, and wants disappear when I'm out preaching the gospel, furthering the lords work here. I love being out in  the field... not hiking up the cliff though.

Ill get a cable next week for my camera so there will be pictures but till then

God be with you till we meet again!

Elder Brendan Ball


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