June 6, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Elder Tucker

The Holy Ghost

Hey everyone! This week was crazy!! Had a bunch of good stuff happen and also some interesting things…haha! All in all good though! Picked up three new investigators and all of them are super studs! Gene who's 21 really wants to come to church this next week, Matt, 17, is a members friend in our ward but we knocked into him and now its looking really good cause his friend is doing a bunch of the encouraging! Hopefully he'll come to mutual and church this next week, I’ll let you know though! Then last of all George, George hasn't gone to a church in a really long time but really wants to get back into it. We went by the other night with our recent convert Victor and he bore a powerful testimony on the Book of Mormon and "holding to the rod." Pretty cool experience… its amazing to see the difference the gift of the Holy Ghost can be in the lives of others. What he spoke were not his own words! We also had a small run in with some bed bugs, but we caught them early so an exterminator came out and took care of it, so it was all good! haha! Mom, don’t worry;)

For my spiritual thought this week, I actually wanted to focus on the Holy Ghost. For almost every single baptism of the grandchildren on my dad's side of the family, my grandma has given the talk on the Holy Ghost. This talk included a display of a large box rapped like a present. Inside the box we're several things: a blanket, a whistle, a compass, a flash light, and hand sanitizer. Each representing a different role that the Holy Ghost plays in our lives. The blanket representing the comforter, the whistle representing his role as one that can warn us, a compass; our guide, a flashlight he lightens our path, and hand sanitizer; he is the cleanser. Each of us can identify a time in our lives when the Holy Ghost has played each of these roles, and what a help he has been! I can testify of him and the essential role that he plays in the Plan of Happiness. Can you imagine if we didn't have him...The truth of the matter is that as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have received this wonderful gift from our Father by the correct authority. As we ponder the reality of that we understand that many of God's children only stand in the Light of Christ rather than being promised the constant companionship of His spirit. I have heard this talk given from my grandma several times when I was younger and that message has testified to me the roles that the spirit plays in our lives. His companionship has been one I treasure most, and I pray that we can each continue with that companionship until we find ourselves at the Saviors feet.
I love you all.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder Shouse


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