May 30, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Elder Tucker

Character of Christ

Hey, hey, hey! Hey everyone, another week is done, another super quick one! A lot of things are going super good, we have almost five investigators that are super close to being on date! They all decided to go out of town at the same exact time haha. But we picked up a few new investigators this week which was awesome, Doug is a believer in Valhalla which is the warrior heaven for vikings (at lease that's how he explained it to us), and Devon who has been a long time searcher for the truth, he really understands the Bible and it has lead him to know and understand that there was a general apostasy and Christ's Church needed to be restored! They are both awesome! We are going to go on a bunch of exchanges this week with a bunch of Elders in our zone so stay posted for some crazy pictures haha! But all in all that was pretty much it! Good week!

While I was studying the "Character of Christ" a talk given by elder Bednar, I came to understand something in a greater light. Christ had a fullness of revelation, because he had a fullness in understanding of his Father. His character and all the attributes that lies there in, entitles him to all he needed to be the perfect minister that he was. The conclusion I came to is that to have the same fullness of revelation and eventually have a perfect character our actions should always be focused on others. As I focus on the needs of others rather than myself, I ultimately am perfecting my own character. In a way, I always understood that, but a greater light has been put on my mind. The point is, I believe Elder Bednar wanted us to take away from his talk is that, turning outward rather than inward is always the correct decision. This is how Christ lived his life. I pray that we can each learn this eternal principal. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Love you all,
Elder Shouse


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