May 5, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Elder Tucker

Me+Christ = more

Hey everyone, hope this week has been good for everyone! I apologize if this week's letter is a little short we are going to play basketball at Kenny's house again with the whole zone, its going to be awesome! This week has been super good though, a lot of things have happened. We picked up a new investigator, her name is Nancy. She works with us at the Thrift Shop and would ask us questions all the time about our church, so one day a couple weeks ago we were driving in a neighborhood and I saw Nancy's son outside. So naturally I wrote down their address and we pretended to just be knocking in that area, haha and happened to run into her ;) (yes Elder Shouse is sneaky) So we go back teach her, give her the Book of Mormon ask her to read and to pray about it. We followed up with her two days later when we were at the Thrift Shop she had read the introduction, the testimonies, and the first couple chapters. WE WERE STOKED!!!!! We have another lesson with her tomorrow night which is gonna be awesome!
We also knocked into a bible study at the beginning of this week (they let us in and were talking about people who had great faith) haha and naturally I pulled out the Book of Mormon and started reading from it! Everyone freaked out!! Elder Smith and I were cracking up. "Whoa! Whoa! is that from the Bible?!" (Then what I said...) "" hahahaha it was awesome! It works as a companion with the Bible. We are going back tonight to talk to the family that was hosting the Bible study, really excited the dad seems like he could be really receptive. But the mom blew up on us, so we'll see what happens! Also we knocked into a catholic guy who's trying super hard to convert us, luckily we know who's church is true ;)

So for my spiritual thought this week, I wanted to talk about something that came to me yesterday as I was listening to a testimony in sacrament meeting. "Discipline can only bring us so far, until the atonement is required." To forsake our sins, we cannot just stop doing them. When we do this and do not involve the Lord, we are dependent upon ourselves. From my own experience when we rely heavily upon ourselves and do not use the outstretched hand of the Savior, we tend to fall and even distance ourselves from the Lord. What we originally thought would bring us closer could actually be a great divide. Its kinda like my formula that I tend to constantly bring up haha (its only cause its so good) Never will Me+More=Christ. But it is always Me+Christ=More. As we understand that it all starts with Him. Then we will become more like the Savior. I hope my theme of the Atonement never gets redundant, this is what we preach and teach about every day. This is what we learn about and strive to understand. Our lives revolve around it, it is the center. "if thine eyes be single, then thy whole body shall be full of light." I love having this knowledge, it makes me want to share it with everyone else also. I pray that we can each catch this fire of learning and sharing. It is how we will eventually find ourselves at the feet of the Savior. I say these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you all,
Elder Shouse


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