April 19, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Elder Tucker

Happy Easter

Hey everyone! Happy Easter! I hope everyone was able to feel the love of the Savior over this Easter weekend! We had an awesome day. Kenny went with Sister Marriott to her ward so we were not able to see him, but Christian Penaloza and his mom came to church, super awesome to see them! And I'm pretty sure we're going to have dinner with them this Wednesday, and have like a bbq, its going to be sweet! Kenny is progressing swimmingly, and we are planning for him to get baptized on the 29th of this month, really looking forward to that! We were able to go over to his house this last week and give him a blessing cause he was really sick and his dog had a stroke the same day, really sad. But we went over, it was just Elder Smith and I, the spirit was present. I could feel Heavenly Fathers love for him, and how close he is to getting on the right path. It was a very special moment that I will cherish for a long time!
Elder Tucker was able to get permission (from me hah ;) to come back for the Easter Sacrament meeting yesterday and sing in the choir. So it was good to see him. We had a really fun Easter dinner with a bunch of families in the ward last night at the Kigin’s. They have five crazy boys. We shared a message, but I don't think with all the kids in the room anyone was paying attention, haha, pretty funny actually. I think the parents were pretty embarrassed but we're missionaries and have families just like that so we don't care! Hah! Elder Smith and I picked up a Spanish family that doesn't really speak English accept for one of their boys and he was basically our translator the whole lesson but all of them really wanted to read the book of Mormon. It was awesome, just goes to show that the spirit testifies to the heart.
Well for my spiritual thought this week, I wanted to base it off the first thing a lady said in her talk yesterday in sacrament. In reference to her talk she said "There is nothing like pressure to get you to study about the Savior." Now in no way do I mean this to be negative about the woman that spoke but i feel that we too at times have this same thinking. You could take it this way… "there is nothing like Easter to get you to study about the Savior."
"And this is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent." (John 17:3) If we are to know Heavenly Father and His son. Do we take the time to study his life, his teachings, and other scripture that testifies of Him? Or do we only do it when we are asked or feel that we should cause we haven't done it in a while. We are all guilty of this at times in our lives. This is why we have a wonderful prophet and Apostles who stress daily scripture study, and to form a habit of it. As we pray, we ask questions to our father, as we read the scriptures, we receive our answers. The Book of Mormon is a book of answers to all of life's questions, it can also answer the questions to our individual trials, and can give us the direction we all so desperately need daily. I would like to change something I said recently about the Book of Mormon. While testifying of its truth and power, at times I have the habit of saying "i have read it several times and know its true," (the Book of Mormon) that has changed to "I read it daily and daily I know of its truth." Many people may not know the little difference it has made in my testimony, but I know and God knows! The little things we do can help bring to past great things, great progression in our individual testimonies! I pray that we can each "lengthen our stride!" This is my humble prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you all, hope you have a great week!
Elder Shouse


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