March 15, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Elder Tucker

The Family Unit

Hey everyone! I have to say Damascus is Da-Bomb!! This place is awesome! We picked up an new investigator this week, his name is Dave. We met him while knocking doors this last week and he invited us over last night to watch NASCAR! Haha... we shared a message with him instead! It was sweet! Hopefully he will come to church this next week! Kenny came back from golfing in Florida all week and we are going to meet with him on Wednesday night to set his date for Baptism, super excited! Then Melissa we had another lesson with her this week, taught her the word of wisdom, it will be hard but she says she is excited for the challenge, haha So things are going good, working to find more people to teach, good things to come just around the corner!

So this week I have been thinking a lot about Family and just wanted to express some thoughts about that as I've been studying this week. What I have come to love and understand is, that the gospel and life itself revolves around the family. Loving those in your immediate family, extended family, some people are just starting their own families, but most importantly we are all part of one family; a family that was organized and put together by our wonderful Father in Heaven. What a magnificent reality, we are all brothers and sisters of our Eternal Father in Heaven. We were each put here to begin our own families in whatever capacity that may be. Our individual role in our close knit units and also in the greater family is to become righteous, stalwart, and immovable when faced against the adversary. Recognizing that we always need to be helping others, looking outward, and discerning when and where you we can use our God given gifts to help lift and buoy up those around us. God gave us families to essentially be the best individuals we could be. Truly without those units, the bonds that are shared, and the love that is expressed between one another, the road back to the Father would be almost impossible. God sent our brother Jesus Christ to save us all, and give us each and opportunity to return to our Heavenly Home. There is no free-for-all, nor has it ever been every man for himself, but it is a collective effort to help all of our brothers and sisters return to God. What I have learned and have come to know is that, to find complete and total joy in this life we must do as the savior has said, "love thy neighbor as thyself." That is the goal, the mark we need to hit has been set, and I know it is attainable. This gospel is true, let us all be the family member everyone needs in their life! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you all,
Elder Shouse


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