March 11, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Elder Tucker

Cross Roads

Another week has past! Have some good news to report on. It amazes me how fast time is going by, almost to0 fast! I'm grateful to be able to have this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord. Grateful that it is my choice what I do with this time… Agency (free will) can be so empowering if we use it correctly. The lessons we learn will be of greater significance in our lives.
This week we had two unsuspecting things happen, both very positive! ;) First, on Monday last week, we had a lesson/ dinner with Kenny Keith. He had just gotten back from his trip and he took us to Texas Road House! It was dang good! haha! We talked for a long time and we also had a long ride back to his house so there was lot of time to talk. In the end, he bore his testimony to us that the church is true! And the best part was, I don't think he knew he was doing it! He said to me that this was the right thing to do and he said he wants to get baptized...the whole night was ramping up for that, and it ended with the best possible outcome. It was awesome! He gets back from his trip tomorrow and we're going to set a final date. So that was awesome. Then we also had two lessons this week with Melissa (the one who has two kids, that we met in the thrift shop) We taught her the Plan of Salvation with one of our awesome members (Sister Rohn) and it went great! We could tell that she was a little blown away that we believed almost all the things she did! She was so prepared. So she also came to church this week for the third hour. Haha, and I’ll explain why. We waited, and waited for her outside before church and she never showed up:( So after we took the sacrament, we drove over to her house, her husband had left and her son, that was home, didn't want to go, so she was stuck at home. We knocked on her door and she opened it pretty surprised and said "what are you guys doing here? church is right now?" We told her we came to get her, she told us her dilemma, then before we could respond, she said, I’ll force him to go, haha. So we went back to church and she showed up twenty minutes later and her son went to class and loved it! She went to Relief Society and loved it also! There was a break the fast after church too, so she stayed for that and got to meet a lot of people, couldn't have had a better Sunday!!

This week, I wanted to speak of cross roads. I feel that lately a lot of the people I teach, my companions, people around me, and even myself are hitting the cross roads of their lives. I will say that we come to many of these. I said earlier about how our agency can be empowering. I know it can as we make more and more right choices we gain momentum until we become a force not to be reckoned with (speaking to the adversary). Some times with our cross roads, we know the right path to choose, but we allow the other path to be there. Other times there are cross roads and the direction we must take is not known to us. But I know in those times, when the path is unclear, the Lord trusts us to make our own decision. "Press forward with steadfastness and faith in Christ." Have faith and move forward, whichever we choose it’s never the end…might not be the right path, but He will correct your path along the way. The more we experience in this life, the more we will benefit in the life to come. The characteristics we develop, the range of emotions we feel, the friendships we make, all can be like what our Father in Heaven has if that is what we aspire towards. As we look towards our Father in heaven and his Son they will lead us along, show us the path, lighten our feet, and guide us back home. I can see the cross roads just ahead of me. I testify that our choices matter, that we can gain momentum in this life by making correct decisions, and that God will guide us if we look to him in the cross roads of life! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you all have a great week!
E. Shouse


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