February 25, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Elder Tucker

Open your boxes

Hey! Hope everyone has been having a good week! Not to eventful here, but we had a couple good things happen. We had Stake Conference which was awesome on Sunday. A recent convert in our ward gave a sweet talk, we are trying to teach her husband right now, he came to stake conference to hear her speak which was great and we are hoping that that planted the seed that we needed! We are still working with Christian Penaloza, Kenny, and Holly, who I think I told you about last week, all are progressing nicely. This week we got a lot of new potentials and we will be having a lot of appointments with them this week, we are more excited about the one tonight and tomorrow both are families and I'll let you know how it goes this next week!

This week I just wanted to tell you about an experience I was able to have last night, (because of course all the best things that happen on my mission have happened in the eleventh hour), right before we are about to go in :) So we were knocking doors at about 8 o'clock last night and no one is even opening the door to us, as we are walking back to our car we see this elderly lady struggling to get her groceries in her house and I mean struggling. So we run over and help her, we start talking and she just talking our ear off. Haha, and before we could even tell her who we are, we already know her life story. She already knew who we were though and has had missionaries before come and talk with her. Anyways we talked with her for about an hour, the sweetest little old lady I have ever met, (besides my great grandma). We asked if we could come back and share our message with her next week. Just another way Heavenly Father showed his love, for us. We had been praying to find another investigator that night and our prayers were definitely answered!

For my spiritual thought this week, I wanted to talk about the gospel....haha like I don't always;) In regards to something my Mission President's wife said at stake conference this last Sunday. She compared the gospel to a chest and had told a little bit of a story about how a man had put different box's inside this chest and the man would only open the boxes when he saw fit to open them. At the end of her story she said very boldly, "we should never compartmentalize the gospel." If we get that picture within our heads can we see our own lives, and our own chest. See where we have closed certain boxes and only opened them when it seems convenient for us. Only being Christlike when others are looking, only sharing the gospel when others are pushing us to do so, only serving those when it's convenient for us...Can we see a parallel? I am not free from this practice of compartmentalization in any way, I feel that there are boxes in my chest that I only open when it benefits me. "My yoke is easy and my burden is light." Christ was free, because he knew that the gospel was simple and he perfectly lived it, and set the example for us. When we divide our chest, things can be complicated when we focus on only progressing in one box of our chest the rest of our chest is unopened, and it can eventually be a stumbling block for us. My prayer is that we can each understand the gospel is a never ending circle, that all aspects are true and that undoubtedly it relates to another part of the gospel, and always back to the Savior. This is true! We know it is! It has been instilled in us before the foundations of the world, we have a loving God, he gave us what we need to have never ending happiness not only in this life, but in the life to come! Let us not compartmentalize what is meant to be free! I know Christ lives, and knows what we are personally going through and if we turn to him he will comfort us. I Know these things to be true in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Hope you all have a great week! And try to open a few of your boxes that are in the chest...
Love you all,
Elder Shouse


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