February 16, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Elder Tucker

What are our priorities?

Hey everyone! So this week was definitely a good one! We had a few things happen, which was awesome! Number one, we picked up a family, and another awesome investigator! So I’ll first tell you about this family that we picked up. To give you some background, we do some service in a Methodist thrift shop (its run out of the church, actually it’s pretty neat) every Friday from 1-3 and what is even better is we work the cash registers so everyone sees us and gets to see our big name tags and always asks about it, so that's been great. But anyways there was a lady that came in this last week and as she was going around the store and you could tell she was kind of upset, almost somber. When she came up to the cash register to leave, I was hoping she would ask me a question about my name tag so that I could explain to her who we are. We have strict directions, if nobody asks a question to us we can’t proselyte. She didn't which really made me sad, cause I really felt like I needed to talk to this lady and we could leave the registers. I really felt like an opportunity was lost…shoot :( So the store closes, and when we finish we were taking out some trash and everyone had left except for a few that were working with us, but this lady was still out in her car, the only one still in the parking lot. We went right over to her, started talking to her and turned out she had been looking for a new church and invited us over the next day to visit with her and her family. We went the next day and unfortunately we couldn't stay very long cause the husband had to leave, but they really would like to come to church this week and we have another return appointment on Thursday. So I'm not really sure what's going to come of it, but the lesson I felt I learned from that is that the work presses on no matter what!! God will put us in the positions we need to be in and it's up to us to be able to act and help our others.

Then the other solid investigator I can't remember if I talked about him last week but his name is Bob Applebaum. We have taught him twice now, and he's just the most sincere guy, really trying to find out what he needs right now and of course he's found it but he's slowly figuring that out! haha He's planning on coming to church this next week, really excited for that!

Then Holly, a former investigator, just showed up to church on Sunday and we have a return appointment for tonight to go and see her so things are moving along swimmingly here in Zion! Can't wait to tell y'all what happens next!

So for my spiritual thought this week, I would like to base it off something I read a few days ago. It’s in the form of a question, and it reads: "What immediately comes to mind when I am asked: 'have I done with lesser things?' What are some lesser things in my life that seem to monopolize my time and energies?" You have maybe heard of a study that was done with a group of people that were asked to rate all the things they did in the week prior, on a priority scale of A, B, or C. What they figured out is that most of their time was spent on C things. If we apply that to ourselves we first have to make sure we know what our priorities are, or what our A's are. If your A's are more of working, going to school, etc. Those are the things we find ourselves doing most of the time. But if those are our A's then maybe we aren't looking at the greater picture that our father in heaven wants us to see. At the end of the day eventually a job will end, and we won’t always be in school (at least I don't plan on being haha), so what matters? Do our relationships matter? especially with our Father in Heaven...? I would like to think that one day my A's are spending time with my family, reading my scriptures, serving others..and the list goes on. But many a times those things go on the back burner, they aren't our A's whether we say they are or not, they take second or even third to what ultimately doesn't matter when all things are said and done. I challenge all, including myself to reflect, see what our priorities really are, being truly honest with ourselves and God. Make the necessary changes to those things that should be our A priorities. I have a feeling that we will be asked one day by Him "Have you done away with lesser things?" I pray that I will have prepared myself for that moment, and I know that if we do this, the reward will be greater than any prestigious job, or degree, or recognition that we will receive in this life. The greater reward will be from our Father in Heaven. I know this to be true.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Love you all,
Elder Shouse


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