December 27, 2016


Antietam, Maryland


Elder Stafford

Merry Christmas...with Love

Hey Everyone
I hope you all had a great Christmas. I definitely did! We started off the day right with Church. Elder Fisher and I got to sing in the choir which was fun. I put the team on my back while I was singing up there ;) Just kidding they just needed more bodies up there, I'm still pretty tone def, haha! Anyways we had a brunch at a members home, then we left to another members home, and I got to talk to my wonderful family, which of course was the highlight of Christmas! Then after that we had dinner at a members home (the Hertz family), it was super good! Steak and potatoes!! They are the best! But Christmas was awesome!!!
The week prior leading up to Christmas was really good too! We picked up an new investigator named Larry, who is super solid and came to church the day after we taught him! Still teaching Vena and her kids we are hoping to put them on date tonight. Really looking forward to that lesson! A lot of good things coming up here for the Antietam area ,very excited to be apart of it!
With my companions permission, I wanted to talk a little about him. Elder Fisher is a stud, he played baseball in high school, he's pretty ripped, (haha) but most importantly everyone loves him because he loves everyone. One of the best individuals I've met in my life. Unfortunately a very tragic and unexpected event took place in his life about 4 and a half months ago. His dad was diagnosed with stage four cancer, and after a good long fight he passed from this side of the veil to the other side. He went home in the middle of his mission to comfort his family and then return to serve an honorable mission which he is currently doing. What an example of strength and courage he is to me to endure hard things and to continue pressing forward. As him and I have had ups and down over the past couple months with him dealing with this situation it has given me a whole new perspective and outlook on family, and more importantly the way we are to love our family members. I love that around Christmas time, family gather to spend time, and show their love and appreciation for one another. We are to love those inside and out of our family, but the first place that we learn how to do that is in our immediate family. I can't express how grateful I am for my family...I hate this saying because it implies that you lose something of great worth, but it is important to recognize. "You don't fully appreciate something til it's gone." I feel that we have all gone through this, we lose something and then miss it even more because it is gone, but this doesn't have to happen. Let us fully appreciate all the things and people God has put into our lives. As we have greater love for our family members we will be able to more radiate that love towards all people. Remember the Savior and the love he had for all. I love you all and hope your weeks can be more filled with love.
Love, Elder Shouse


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