December 14, 2016


Antietam, Maryland


Elder Stafford

Beyond the mark

Alright everyone t-minus 5 days until Robert gets baptized!! This guys is so awesome! Got interviewed this week, passed with flying colors. Elder fisher and I are so excited to see how much progress he's made in over the last month. We told him he had to stop smoking, stopped that next day cold turkey! He finished the Book of Mormon last week. This is what he said after he finished it..."Sorry boys I'm so tired, I picked up the Book of Mormon last night and couldn't put it down!" haha He's so awesome!
On a side note that family that I was telling everyone about last week came to church again, we are teaching them on Wednesday night and their kids are going to mutual at the church this week too! It's awesome they are fitting right in, it's actually really great that this ward is small cause everyone feels right at home whenever we bring someone to church!
This week was fun though, the first few flakes of snow stuck to the ground!..Then melted five minutes later, haha. Elder fisher did a sweet flip off the roof of the church into a pile of leaves! That was pretty cool... we hydroplaned and slid sideways in the car that was cool too! (no one or thing got hurt!) Got a few new investigators, got to play some football today which was good too! Looking forward to Christmas and talking to my family soon!

For my spiritual thought this week, I wanted to talk about a talk my mom gave earlier this year. At the beginning of her talk she began to describe my great-grandmother who was a wonderful woman! She described her wants, needs, and even some of her features. She went on to say how well she knew her. Then she posed the question? How well do we know our savior? Could we describe him if someone had never seen or heard him. I had thought about that a lot throughout my mission. Could I describe my savior to you...and in response to that, often times I have looked beyond the mark. In doing so, I look far beyond what is just under my nose. I think I have talked about a formula in the past that my mission president gave us: Me+Christ=more, but most of the time we think of Me+More=Christ. It makes sense to me why we must have a lot of faith in this day and age, at times the adversary distracts us by saying look here, or look there. But still our savior stands beside us, waiting and willing to carry us if we ask for his help. "Greater love hath no man than this: "that a man lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13) As I said, he is under our noses, so close...He is right here, waiting for us to seek Him. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and as we think of the season, let us think of what great gift came into the world, even the Son of God, who laid down his life for you, and for me! I give you another testimony that I know He lives! and walks next to us day by day! I know these things to be true in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you all!
Elder Shouse


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