November 22, 2016


Antietam, Maryland


Elder Stafford

Mighty Change of Heart

Hey guys! This week was super good and super cold! We had some snow flurries yesterday, kinda crazy cause we are suppose to be back in the 70's this next week, super up and down, it's weird. Love the snow though, so I can't wait til we get a big storm! There's a picture in our apartment of elders last year jumping off of the third story of our apartment building into the snow it's crazy!! ROUND 2!!!!!

We had a really good week this week. Found some new people to teach. On Tuesday we were knocking doors and these people just let us in didn't even ask who we were just said come on in! haha! Fed us and let us teach them a message it was so awesome. What a miracle cause that's never happened before to me on my mission. So turns out they are super interested and we are having a church tour tonight with them. Super excited! The Mom's name is Lauren, and the Dad's name is Orelle and they have two young daughters! They are super awesome!! We also talked to another lady on the street this week her name is Amy and she let us come back the next day and we did and taught her and her mom. They said they will come to church this next week (fingers crossed) but we have another appointment with them on Wednesday this week! Then Lastly we were walking by an apartment building that we usually walk by almost everyday, and this guy is always out on his balcony smoking. So on Friday we were walking by and he yelled down to us and said that he sees us everyday "why don't y'all Jesus boys come teach me the word." Hahahaha! So he invited us in right there and we taught him, his wife, and his cousin Trey. We have a return appointment on Tuesday at 1 o'clock, praying all goes well. So as you can see we are seeing a bunch of Miracles in the Antietam area, it's awesome!
Also we got transfer calls last night, and I was relieved to hear that no one in my district was leaving, love this area and love the elders that I'm serving around right now. Stay tuned for more up coming miracles!!!!

For my spiritual thought this week, I wanted to base it off of a quote from someone I'm not really sure who said it, (but if you know, email me who it is haha) they said, "the more light a person lets into their spirit the greater the change." And it's true! Light as we all know pushes away the darkness. I love coming up with "formulas" you could say, that better help us understand a specific concept. And usually, in both math and science if your missing part of the equation or formula, it's hard to get the intended result. So here it is in regards to the first principles of the gospel, here is my formula for a true change of heart. We will all be able to see what we have and maybe what we haven't added into our formula for a mighty change of Heart.

Faith-->Change in Attitude---->Repentance----> Change in Behavior---->Baptism----> Change in Countenance---->Holy Ghost----->Change in Nature= "A mighty change of Heart"

Now most of us have already received the gift of the holy ghost and feel that we have added in most of the components that are needed in our individual formula. But if we are missing any, we need to go back and work on those individual things. Its wonderful isn't it? This gospel is a gospel of progression that as we continually try to do the little things each and everyday, they will change us and we will eventually gain a mighty change of Heart!

Love you all hope you have a great week!

Elder Shouse


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