November 15, 2016


Antietam, Maryland


Elder Stafford

The work is moving forward!

Hey everyone! I'm sure you had a good week! We had a pretty good week too! Been making some awesome strides with Nancy and Robert, and also another investigator we picked up last week named Gary. We are hoping will be at church this next week! We picked up a lot more investigators, another young couple, another family, and few street contacts. I'll tell you guys how they progress this next week! We had a cool experience Wednesday night after one of our appointments had cancelled. We were knocking doors, we prayed that we would find another investigator that night. It was super cold out so we prayed that we would get let inside :) But Heavenly father had another idea! We knocked on another door and a girl named Tracy came out. We asked if we could share a message with her, there was no male in the home, so we asked if we could teach her outside, she said "for sure" and went and got a coat and we taught her outside. Love the little miracles we see in our lives. I think that's been a big theme I feel on my mission, but I also feel that, because I look for them so often. In our day to day lives we can get so caught up in the routine that it is harder to see Heavenly Father's hand, even though it is 100% there. I can't remember who said this, if I find out who it is i'll make sure I tell you guys next week, but they said when we die it will be amazing to see how little was left to chance and how much was in the hands of the Father. Doesn't that put into perspective why we have trials, or addictions, or challenges. Overcoming them makes us better people so we are ready for the next thing to stand in our way, and to take it on. I love this gospel because it give us hope, it helps us to understand that this is all for something greater, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and that should give us reason to rejoice. As we fix our eyes on what really matters in life, we will find joy in our lowest moments of life, because we know that there is someone greater by our side, who endured all that we have and will endure, and cheers us on as an older brother should. I love this gospel and know that it is true! I Love you each of you ! and pray for you daily!
Love Always,
Elder Shouse


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