October 25, 2016


Antietam, Maryland


Elder Stafford


Hey everybody! This week was AWESOME! We've been working with all of our investigators this week and each of them have been making some awesome strides! To give you an update on the Stull family, their date for baptism is now Nov. 26th. So this last week we taught the family the Law of Chastity, and Angle and Josh are boyfriend and girlfriend but they live together. After we talked and discussed with the whole family they almost immediately said we're ready to get married and they will be married before their baptism! Wow! WE WERE SO STOKED!!!! Awesome miracles happening here!! We have also be trucking along with Andre, but now his sister wants to get baptized, so we started teaching her yesterday! Love this area, lots of work to be done!

We had a pretty fun preparation day today, went bowling, played some spike ball and after we email we're gonna go play some flag football! We have an appointment with another family tonight and hopefully we can get in with them!

For my spiritual thought this week I thought I would talk of success. I had a good friend go home this last transfer and before he left, he asked me if I thought I was a successful missionary? I didn't really know how to answer the question but as I have pondered it, the answer I feel can help us in all aspects of life. There are two different sides to being successful, there is a temporal success which usually amounts to a value or total sum. While eternal success can never be a finite sum because it is ever growing and we are ever looking to improve on what we have already become. I truly believe that if we are going to be successful spiritually and eternally, our eyes must be set and fixed forward to what we can become rather than what we are not. Although we must evaluate, and assess our current situation. Some questions that we might ask ourselves to evaluate our standings with God, and our forever quest of finding eternal success are:

Are we Obedient? Are we working and doing all that we can to further the work of the Lord? Are we full of Charity? Do we put any other gods before our God?

Notice how each of these are immeasurable but things we can strive to do each day! Although we will never be perfect in this life, it is our job to try to be like our Savior!

While pondering this topic I was also able to see a big difference between the words success and successful. In my eye's, we may have success in athletics or business, but being successful is a mindset, an attitude which continually pushes us to set goals and make plans to progress. Another simple thought that comes to mind is the breakdown of successful, or full of success. Again we may think of that in a temporal way where we achieve and gain worldly possessions, but rather if we see it as being full of optimism or hope, being successful is a lot more fulfilling than having success. Preach my gospel teaches missionaries to be successful rather than to glory in their success. I know that we each can learn from this, as we distinguish between having success and being successful, and also as we see the difference between the worldly view of success, and God's view, the life we live will be more fulfilling.

I love this gospel, I know that because of Jesus Christ we can be successful in God's eyes, we can repent, work hard in this life and be the best individuals we want to be, it's up to us. The sky's the limit! I love my Savior! I know this church is true, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you all,
Elder Shouse


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