September 15, 2016


Antietam, Maryland


Elder Stafford

The work is hastening

Man oh man, another week gone by! Things are roll'n here in the Antietam ward, could not be happier! We had something really cool things happen here yesterday we went up to the Martinsburg stake center to here our area seventy speak, Elder Gay. I cannot believe the spirit here in this meeting. We had about an hour and a half for him to answer questions. Overall great experience and I learned a lot. We found a new family this week and three other people who we hope will come to church this week.
Elder Stafford had a really cool experience yesterday. We were driving and I had an impression to follow a car into a nearby neighborhood. (I know what you're probably thinking right now! Elder Shouse your a stalker! haha but i promise I'm not. So anyways, we wait until they go inside and then go and knock on this old couples door. They told us to go away....haha! But we were like Heaven gives no commandment unto the children of men save he shall prepare a way for them. So we decided to knock on some other doors. We knocked on a few doors and the last door on the street, an older man came to the door. He asked if we were men of the cloth and of course we said, No. We hold something better, the priesthood..(didn't say it exactly like that) but, we asked him if he was religious, and he said no. He then went on to say that he doesn't believe in God but he wants to. He invited us back over this Sunday and we are super excited.
I don't have to much more time but i will share something with you that I learned yesterday as my spiritual thought. Elder Gay first spoke on the importance of us being converted to the Gospel but then he went on to say that we must also be converted to sharing the gospel. Now here is the key, and something that we must all understand, and I quote "both are required for our personal salvation." What a statement, the spirit was present and confirmed to me this simple truth. We all have been called to serve the Lord as missionaries, but only some are asked to give all of their time, during a period of 2 or 1 and a half years. To get back to our father in Heaven we must also help those around us get there too. I know this is the true church, the work of the Lord is hastening, and we must do all that we can to help those find the truth that the Lord has prepared. I love each of you.

Always, Elder Shouse


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