September 6, 2016


Aberdeen, Maryland


Elder Stafford

Little Miracles

Wow! What a week! So stoked to be in Antietam! I can already see that I'm going to really love and enjoy this area! I have an awesome companion Elder Stafford, who loves to work hard, and we really get along!
So a couple cool things already going on in the ward right now we have two people we already put on date for baptism this week, its pretty funny because they are our only two investigators right now haha. Each day Elder Stafford and i have been hitting the pavement hard and getting a bunch of appointments for next week. So we are very excited to see what is going to happen. Our ward is pretty small it wouldn't fill up the middle rows of the chapel, but those are just the active members, there are over 300 members in the ward that don't go to church, and of those 300 a bunch of them are part member families. So we have been scrambling and calling everyone we can to get into their homes this next week.
I love it though everyone is so nice up here, people give us the time of day which is really nice and i am loving every second. I'll tell you an awesome miracle that happened this week. So of those two investigators that we have right now we only found one of them this week. So the other Elders found Dylan Alexander, who's going to be baptized on the 15th of this month. Like I mentioned earlier we were knocking a bunch of doors this week and talking to all those Heavenly Father put in our path, and we were definitely setting up appointments for next week but no one was letting us in when we were talking to them. So last night we were driving around after our last appointment had cancelled and we really wanted to pick up an investigator. So we said a prayer and asked for a miracle. We asked that could would find someone prepared to receive the gospel tonight! So we walked down a really dark street, it was about 8:45 at the time. The first door we knocked on was Calvin! Calvin said "hey guys" like we were old friends and told us to come in. We sat down got to talking for a little bit and came to find out that missionaries had knocked on his door a long time ago and never came back to teach him. He said he was ready for our message. We shared the Plan of Salvation with him and at the end of our lesson, Elder Stafford being the stud that he is asked if he would be baptized on October 8th, and he said yes. We were so excited! We fist bumped under the table, it was pretty sweet!
We could feel Heavenly Father's love for this young man, but also two missionaries felt extremely loved by their Father in Heaven, for answering their prayer of desperation. Time and time again i am able to see these small miracles, tender mercies if you will.
I truly have a testimony that Heavenly Father works by small means to being to pass great miracles. If we each think about our lives, it is the accumulation of small spiritual moments that build our testimony. It is by the day in and day out grind, that a degree is earned, championships are won, and people are brought to the everlasting truth of the gospel. Small and simple truths are what will help us return to our Heavenly Home. I hope that we can all remember the small and simple things that Heavenly Father has given us, so that we can thank him for all the things that have accumulated to be something great! I Love you each and hope you have a good week!

Love always,
Elder Shouse


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