August 17, 2016


Aberdeen, Maryland


Jayden Dyer

A baptism!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Dang This week flew by way to quick! But I loved every little bit of it! The last few days I have had some very spiritual experiences and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father who loves me enough to give me these special memories that I will be able to look back on for the rest of my life.

Okay so before I give you guys a run down of this week I want to talk a little bit about Tony and Diana Turano who was just baptized on Saturday. It's so awesome to see individuals who are missing something in their lives... that's terrible to say, but it's true. I love seeing that because I know exactly what they need, and even more so, their Heavenly Father knows what they need. For many years the Turano family has had many interactions with many members of the Church who have planted little seeds, which has made them ready and so prepared to receive the gospel with open arms. I have come to know and love this family very much, and it warms my heart to see how many unseen blessings are being poured out from Heaven.

I would like to share some experiences that happened this week that has truly strengthened my testimony of the Savior, and the plan of salvation. The first was in the temple on Wednesday... every six months, missionaries are allowed to go to the temple, so this makes this experience even more special. As I was sitting in the celestial room, I was praying for many things, but more importantly, I was praying for Diana and Tony, that they would be able to feel the spirit on their baptism day and to truly understand the promise that they were making. As I looked up from my prayer I saw a man that looked exactly like Tony, beard, bald head dressed in white. I took a double take (haha) and quickly realized it wasn't him but felt a wonderful sensation of peace, that they would one day be able to enter into the temple and be sealed as a family for time and all eternity. What a tender mercy.

My second experience was on Saturday, at the baptism. Elder Dyer and I came early to fill up the font, we turned it on to make sure that the water was coming out warm, and left to go set things up and get ready. In the process I guess the hot water turned off or there wasn't any, haha of course. To make the story short the water was very cold, I felt terrible. Elder Dyer and I said a prayer hoping that all else would go well. When it came time to baptize them, each ordinance was performed and all went well. After I was talking to Tony, I apologized about the water and how cold it was. He said it felt warm to him. Truly another tender mercy from the Lord. I was overwhelmed and grateful to a loving Heavenly father who had answered our prayer.

My third experience was during Diana and Tony's confirmation on Sunday. The member who had referred the Turano's (Brother Cypert) to us, did the confirmation (when someone is confirmed a member of our church this is usually when a blessing takes place) While the blessing of Tony was taking place Brother Cypert said something that helped me understand the Plan of Salvation and missionary work on a greater level and understanding. He said, and I paraphrase, that through Tony, after he has attained the priesthood he will be able to bless the lives of his family and all those around him! He too will be able to further the work of the Lord on the Earth. I loved that! and felt the spirit very strong as those things were being said.

For my spiritual thought I would just like to expand on that a little. I have thought about missionary work like this before but this time it came with clarity, that it is hard for me to describe in words. As we help others make covenants, doors are now opened for them, but also for all those that they come in contact with and the chain continues. The Lord needs us to invite others to come unto Him because we know that truth, and they need to know it to. May we all further the work of the Lord and continue to help others in all that we do.

In HIs Name, Amen
Love you all,
Until next week
Elder Shouse


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