July 11, 2016


Aberdeen, Maryland


Jayden Dyer

Happy 4th of July

Hey everyone hope everyone had a good fourth! We definitely did!

This last week was definitely a good one! We had our baptism of Gus Yeske on Saturday! Turns out he was way older than we thought,haha! We thought he was in his 60's but he was actually 74. Love this guy, he kept saying over and over...I love this, I love this, I love this...It was an awesome experience for him, but also for me and Elder Dyer. I will make sure I send a pic of us at the baptism!

The fourth was awesome for us. We had an awesome ward breakfast that we went to in the morning. Elder Dyer and I got to the church at like 6am and helped cook. I felt like we were at home when my parents do the Pancake breakfast in the park with Brother Collette slamming out the pancakes...ok we weren't that good! Elder Dyers pancake making was definitely sub par (I don't want to brag but...) while my pancake making skills were above and beyond...We then went to zone sports, which was super fun! Then we went to a members home in some other Elders ward and went garbage bag sliding down this steep hill. It was a blast! Just want to point out that it was my idea, just reaffirms I know how to have a good time, haha!

Elder dyer and I have really been focusing this last week on working with members. We have been able to see many blessing from finding people to teach and share our love of the Gospel and the blessings that come from living a Christ centered life. But we really want the members to have the same experiences that we are having with their own friends. Missionary work is meant to be through the members. As members and missionaries work together to find and teach, we will find those that are ready and willing to receive the gospel. Not only will these relationships be established in this life but also the life to come! It's so wonderful to see how lives change and how happy people become. I love this work.

This week for my message, I want to talk on reflection. I saw an awesome Mormon message the other day on this topic, and there is a very important lesson to be learned. There are times throughout our life where we have to reflect, and look back on the person we have become. We must look on the positive but also the negative. As president Monson said when we are faced with trial and temptation let us choose the harder right rather than the easier wrong. Let us reflect, so that we may become better, that we may be more aware of our current standing with our Father in Heaven. Most importantly let us reflect so that we may learn, grow and be prepared for future trials and temptations that we will face. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you all,
Elder Shouse


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