May 13, 2016


Aberdeen, Maryland


Elder Parkinson

Happy Mother's Day

Hey everyone! Had a really good week! Sorry I'm going to keep it short, but I had an awesome time talking to my family yesterday! Man, I love my Family!
We had a baptism! Stacey James was baptized on Saturday at one o'clock and then received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday at church! She has been through a lot and it's just great to see people change as they accept the Gospel. Loved that experience, and love those special moments!
My thought for this week is directly related to Stacey and her life and how it can pertain to all of our lives. Choices are what I would like to focus on. Think of a tournament bracket system (March Madness as an example). In this life, we each start out with our own ranking. Not that Heavenly Father ranks us but we are put in different situations, specific to us. Sometimes in our life we are ranked as a 16th seed (lower seed), and are placed against a number one seed, and I like to think of those teams that we are playing, as obstacles in our life. There will always be opposition. But notice that each of us in our own specific bracket have the same opportunity to win the championship, to get back to our Heavenly Father!
Now, although we lose sometimes, we stumble, and it seems like we feel we are out of the tournament. This bracket system of "life" is a little different, whenever we lose, or get crushed by the number one seed of Satan, there is always going to be a play in game to get us right back into the tournament, and that game is called repentance.
May be a silly analogy but, I truly believe and know in my heart that Heavenly Father meant for each of us to win the championship. We can use those plays in games whenever we need to keep going in our own little tournament of life! I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and the potential He sees in me and each one of us. I hope that we can see ourselves winning that very attainable championship and setting goals to do so! I know this to be true.
I hope each of your weeks will wonderful! And I hope all Mother's had a wonderful Mother's Day

Til Next week,
Elder Shouse


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