April 14, 2016


Aberdeen, Maryland


Elder Bartholomew and Elder Parkinson

Opposition In All Things

Hey everyone, had a good week? I hope so!! Our week was interesting, full of ups and downs but of course Heavenly Father loves to always end our week on a good note!;)

We currently have five investigators; unfortunately, we just had to drop a few. On average we will pick up two new investigators a week, but usually have to drop a couple. This week was different, we picked up four but I'm going to tell you why we ended up only having two new ones by the end of the week. Sorry that might have been confusing, it kind of confused me but I don't want to rewrite it so...;)

So we are teaching Nancy and Gill Reagan. They are what we like to call eternigators, it basically means they investigate the church for eternity. So we have gone over several times to teach Nancy. Nancy has been taught on and off for the last 5 years. Gill (her husband) wanted to start learning about the church when I got to the area. We have gone over a lot and had taught almost all the lessons, but on Wednesday of last week they called us to cancel our appointment we had on Friday. They also said they didn't want to meet anymore. Me being the sneaky individual that I am convinced them to feed us dinner on Friday anyways (hahaha I'm awesome)! So we were like okay we have to bring in the cavalry, so on Friday we brought two members of our ward the Cyperts, who have become really good friends with the Reagans. We had a really good meal then got down to business. We talked about some of their concerns and what we came to find out was that they really weren't putting in the effort to read the Book of Mormon. So we asked them to read and study to know if its true. Then we testified, and testified, until each person in the room shared their testimony of the Book of Mormon. At the end Elder Bartholomew and I both promised them that if they came to stake conference (which was Sunday) that their concerns would be resolved.

So we fasted on Saturday hoping that their hearts would be softened. So we called Saturday night to see if they were going to come, and they said no. We were heart broken/angry. We did all we could and they still didn't come? Why?

Now I would like to lead into my spiritual thought this week: Something that has been on my mind recently, due to General Conference is there is "OPPOSITION IN ALL THINGS!" So, why is there opposition in all things? The simple answer is for us to grow. There will always be adversity and opposition, so that we learn to rely on our Heavenly Father and be humble! As we go through life, we will attain more and more knowledge from others' experiences, and from our own. And so we see from our own lives, from those around us, as well as from examples in the scriptures, that opposition is necessary for perpetual growth.

Now back to my story - after we had done all we could do, they still didn't want to continue with learning about the gospel. But right after we ended that phone call, we received another from an investigator (Stacey) asking if she could come to church with us. She came to stake conference had a wonderful time and enjoyed the things that were taught. I was taught an important lesson as I pondered that night what had happened. Although there is opposition in all things, Heavenly Father is never going to leave us hanging if we sincerely seek His help.

So my challenge to all of you this week is that as we are faced with challenges, instead of getting angry or sad think to yourself what does Heavenly Father need me to learn from this challenge?

Love you all hope you have a great week!
Elder Shouse


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