April 8, 2016


Aberdeen, Maryland


Elder Bartholomew and Elder Parkinson

Conference Weekend!

Well another week has gone by! This was a great week to be a missionary. I had the wonderful privilege of having Sunday session of General Conference on my Birthday, talk about a gift! For those of you who may not know what General Conference is, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints holds a conference twice a year where general authorities (church leaders) are able to share with us talks of inspiration, guidance, and ultimately proclaim their testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ to all within their voice. As members of the Church we look forward to these moments where we can receive divine revelation from our Heavenly Father as the Holy Ghost directs these men and women, and their comments to the church. One of those men that speaks to us is our Prophet Thomas S. Monson. How wonderful it is for us to know that we have a man that speaks with our Father in Heaven like in times of old. Something that we as missionaries invite people to do on a daily basis, is ask them to pray. We as members of the Church, fully sustain and follow the prophet, but to know that he is a prophet of God we must pray to find out for ourselves. Go to our Father in Heaven and ask with sincerity, not only about a prophet but anything. Joseph Smith had a very important question when he was a young man. One night he was reading in James 1:5, it reads "If any of ye lack wisdom, let him ask of God." So he did, he asked God which church was true!

From this conference I was able to receive tons of guidance. But one thing that stuck out to me was Elder Stephen W. Owens talk. He posed the question at the beginning of his talk: "What does it mean to lead, and what does it mean to follow?" He goes on to say that, "Christ was the greatest leader of all because he was the greatest follower." What can we learn from this? We see that our Savior followed Heavenly Father in exactly what he wanted him to do. When we think of leadership what do we think about? Elder Owens said "Leadership is discipleship" it is all the same when we are serving others. As we follow the Savior and do it to the best of our ability, we will lead others closer to Him.

I hope each of you was able to receive your own revelation as you watched conference. Like Elder Holland said, I too hope that we can remember the thoughts and feelings we had yesterday, and remember them tomorrow. Let those carry us! Love you all hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Shouse


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