March 7, 2016


Eldersberg/Randalstown, Maryland


Elder Carlson

On To My Next Area

Hey! Weeks just keep seeming to fly by! Well, unfortunately my time here in Eldersburg is coming to an end. I have really enjoyed being in this area. I know that there have been people here that were specifically for me to get to know and have significantly impacted my life. I have heard in the past that it is extremely hard to leave your first area, and it wasn't til now that I realize how true that statement is. But this is part of the missionary experience, this is part of God's Perfect Plan he has for me. Over the last four and a half months my testimony has grown. I have been able to see little miracles in my life, and I have been able to see divine intervention right before my eyes. Truly my knowledge of God's love for me has pushed me continually to do better each day. I love this gospel, I love this work and I hope that my love will only increase, as I progress as God's servant. I am to be send to Susquehanna which is on the outskirts of Baltimore city, on the northern part. I will be in a trio, cause there is an odd number of elders in the mission right now. So I'm looking forward to see what happens next in my adventure. This last week we were able to put two people on date for baptism, sad that its right as I leave, but I'm glad I was able to be just a small part in their lives. The two were Peter and Ricky. Peter we have been working with for a while but Ricky is an interesting story. Again this week Elder Carlson and I had a night where all of our plans fell through and we didn't know yet what the Lord wanted us to do. So we prayed. Almost immediately after our prayer, similar to what happened last time, we offered a prayer of desperation to our father in Heaven and a call came immediately after. It was from a young single mom in our ward she said, "Elders my name is Sister Syfert. I haven't been to church in about five years but my son came to me yesterday and asked if he could be baptized. Would you have time to meet with us?" We were blown away and so happy that Heavenly Father would answer our prayers. We taught Ricky the first discussion and now he has a baptismal date of April 16th, again little miracles.

I have a testimony of this gospel, it may be simple, but I know its true. In testimony meeting this last week a member got up and talked about a family heirloom that he wanted to pass on to his children, and after much thought on this he came to the conclusion that his most prized possession, his family heirloom he wanted to pass on was his testimony. This is a simple but powerful thought. Trying times lay ahead, but I hope that the one thing I leave here on this earth, and the thing I take with me into the next life is my testimony. Because I know the Savior lives. And one day if are faithful we can live with him again! I love you all and hope you have a great week!
~Elder Shouse


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