February 24, 2016


Eldersberg/Randalstown, Maryland


Elder Carlson

Little Miracles!

Hey everyone! I've been getting a lot of letters these last few weeks and they are making me realize how fast time flies by! Thanks for all your love and support. Wow this last week has really made me feel grateful for Heavenly Father and his perfect and eternal plan for each of us! I have developed a testimony of little miracles!

Just to give you a little run down of my week. On Monday we went over to a members home and for a good part of the day he taught us how to pick locks, and how to quickly and easily get out of hand cuffs....not something you would think I would need to know but you never know;) hah Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty normal days. We had a few set appointments, unfortunately they fell through so most of the time was spent talking to former investigators and seeing where they are at and if we can help and serve them. We spent a lot of time these days trying to find people to teach!

Thursday we had Zone Conference, it was great! Something we focused on was the word "Millennials." For those of you who don't know what a millennial is, its okay neither did I. Elder Nelson described them this way, "A true millennial is an individual that Heavenly Father trusts to send down in the last days to prepare others for the coming of Jesus Christ." Elder Nelson talks about the steps to becoming a true millennial:
1) Learn for yourself who you really are. (Ask Heavenly Father where you stand with Him.)
2) Expect and prepare to accomplish the impossible. ( Also I think its important that we accept that with God's help we can do impossible things.)
3)Learn how to access the power of Heaven. (Meaning: Ask the Lord inspired questions, spend more time in holy places, spend more time doing good things, pray and read your scripture more frequently, all of these can help us access the powers of Heaven.)
4)Follow the Prophet (Those who listen with the intent to obey, receive blessings.)
I like this quote from Elder Nelson "If we grow soft, hard time may be necessary, so don't grow soft."
I hope that each of us can become true Millennials, by paving the way for our Savior to return!

Friday I was able to have a pretty awesome experience, we were pretty down that we weren't finding people. So we had no more appointments for the rest of the night and we said okay lets say a prayer so that we will be guided to these doors we needed to knock on. So we said the prayer and literally the second we ended the prayer we got a call from the sister missionaries in our area saying there was a young man named Peter that wanted to meet with us right now. So we ran to his apartment and were able to teach him the first lesson! The Lord works in mysterious ways! On Saturday we were able to find two more investigators, so we are super excited right now! On Sunday, we had church and then a thing called "linger longer". It's kind of like a pot luck after church...that's actually exactly what it is haha but anyways we were stuffed - so much food! Then we went tracting again all of yesterday!

So all in all things seem to be picking up here in Eldersberg! I love the work, love my companion, and the opportunity to serve. Hope everyone of you has a great week! Love you all! Til next week...

~Elder Shouse


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