February 4, 2016


Eldersberg/Randalstown, Maryland


Elder Carlson

New Companion

Hey Everyone!! I survived the snow! The plow companies (for the most part) have plowed all the snow from off the streets by us! No side walks yet but I'm sure there will be soon. So for now I'll just be walking down the middle of the street, haha - just kidding mom ;)
I got a new companion this last week his name is Elder Carlson, we immediately hit it off, he's super cool! Really good at basketball. We were playing around the world on Saturday during our lunch hour and I didn't even get to shoot a shot cause he went first and made every shot - haha. All I said was "dang!"....."I cant do that!" He's been out for about a year and is an awesome missionary. We have really got things rolling here this last week. We got two new investigators, so that makes a total of five! Something super funny happened on Sunday was we had to do this Book of Mormon skit on the story of King Noah and Abinadi. They told us late Saturday night so as you can imagine it didn't go that well, actually it was terrible haha, but they are all super young so they won't remember. It's the thought that counts right....I think the Primary President will say different haha. To give you a quick update on Pam (first Baptism in this area), we just finished all the new member lessons and she is doing great! We are planning to go the temple with her at the end of this month, super exciting!

Also we get to go to the temple as a mission this week, also very excited. This will be the first time going in to the DC Temple. A while ago I was able to go to the visitors center but that was it (see picture). This time its the real deal! I've been trying to think of some questions I can focus on while inside the temple. For those that may not be part of our faith, the temple is such a sacred/special place and because of this it is the best place to receive revelation or answers from our Father in Heaven through prayer. Recently, I have been with individuals and been hearing of individuals struggling with faith. I would like to briefly express my thoughts on faith and why it is so important in our lives.

What does faith mean? Faith is the willingness to act upon the things that you believe to be true. Therefore faith is an action word. An example would be praying and reading our scriptures. There is someone in our ward that we have been talking with for a while now. This individual is having some doubts and lacking faith and what they believe in. I asked him what changed and he said that he just hasn't been able to feel the holy ghost lately. We dug a little deeper and we found out that he hasn't been doing things in his life that would allow him to have the holy ghost to be with him. I would just like to draw a parallel as to how important it is to live our lives according to the commandments. This individual wasn't doing the things he should and he wasn't able to remember those feelings he had in the past of the holy ghost testifying to him of truth. This led to his faith being shaken. We must live our lives in accordance to the will of God! He is the one who will make our faith unshakable and we will never waver if we put our trust in Him. I bear my testimony that as we do what is right and act upon the things we know to be true, we will build out faith and will be as the man that build his house upon the rock. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you all have a great week!
~Elder Shouse


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