January 13, 2016


Eldersberg/Randalstown, Maryland


Elder Rutter

Loving My Mission!

Hey everyone! Another week under my belt! Stake conference was this week! We had a member of the Quorum of the Seventy come speak (Elder Totara). He had some awesome incites and really directed his message for all those that were investigating the church as well as those new converts that were at the meeting. Really enjoyed what he had to say! This week was great! My comp has a really hard time walking on his foot so we didn't do as much tracking and finding this week as we usually do but we did have a lot of appointments with investigators, including two new investigators. We met with our first investigator on Wednesday, who was a referral from our Elder's Quorum President. Cool note, about 95% of my ward works for the government and can't talk about their job haha....okay maybe not 95% but more like 50%. Elder Rutter and I tried to count how many different languages our ward speaks and we think it is about 22. Maybe that's normal - not sure. Okay back to what I was saying, my Elder's Quorum President works for the NSA as a tech person and hes been talking to a guy he sits next to at work (Shawn) for months about the Church. This last week he finally agreed to meeting with us! I have never met someone so ready and prepared to receive the gospel, pretty awesome! We asked him at the end of our meeting if he would like to be baptized and he agreed! We haven't set a date yet cause of some things he has to work through, but I'll keep everyone posted!
Our next new investigators is a family of five from Nigeria (I think). I can't pronounce their last name so I'm not even going to try it! Anyways we were knocking doors for about a half hour and then we were going to leave to go to an appointment. The last door that we knocked on a girl opened the door, she must have been 20 or 21, her name is Daja. She was really interested in what we had to say and we basically taught her the restoration on her door step (haha) it was awesome! Before she left she went upstairs to talk to her mom for a second and her mom had actually talked to missionaries before and she asked if we could come back tomorrow! We did and now we have the opportunity to teach a wonderful family the gospel. So excited for whats to come!
This week we were able to visit a lot of less active individuals and had a lot of cool experiences. The highlight of my week was definitely being able to meet with these investigators, but my second highlight was Stake conference.

A lot of different topics were talked about in conference but I'll just quickly share a few of my thoughts.

Revelation is mainly based on desire. In the temple if we listen to the promptings and whispering of the spirit we will know the direction or answer our Father in Heaven wants us to receive. Although the temple is a great place to receive personal revelation, we can receive revelation anywhere, and as sons and daughters of God we are entitled to Revelation. But we must have desire and faith that we will receive it and our obedience to our Father in Heaven must be exact. Elder David A. Bednar once said that the three main things revelation is based upon is 1) Worthiness 2) Determination (desire) 3) Preparedness.

Something else was brought up about who we want to become in this life. Elder Totara laid out this process of how we become the person we end up becoming. He said first we start with what we know, then we base our actions off of what we know, and based on our actions, we become the person our actions have molded us to be. I think that this is true in every case, in every person. If we start with a foundation of truth, and we study that out, we will then come to have a knowledge of those truths. Then we base our actions on those truths and eventually we become the person our Heavenly Father wants us to be.
"When we live in such a way that the considerations of eternity press upon us, it effects our decisions." -President Spencer W. Kimball

The song that comes to mind is "I am a Child of God." One of the lines in the song is "teach me all that I must do to live with Him some day."
To have a complete knowledge I think we have to base it upon things that we know to be true, and that's what it starts with. Usually, over the course of our lives the things we know to be true don't usually flick on like a light, but slowly and gradually like a sunrise, and eventually we will see that we are surrounded by light!

I love each and every one of you and hope that you have a good week! Til next week!

~Elder Shouse


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