December 27, 2015


Eldersberg/Randalstown, Maryland


Elder Rutter

Merry Christmas!!!

Well four days away! Very exciting! A few nights ago we were at a dinner appointment and the fire engine came around with Santa on top! They were tossing out candy from the top of the fire truck! Super bad idea! One of the little girls from the family we were with (about 3 years old) got nailed with a candy cane! haha and then the fire tuck just drove away. All who were in the truck saw this too! Super lame but she was fine!

This week has gone by so fast. We have a new progressing investigator, making a total of three! We are super excited about all of them! George who is 78 is a very humble, loving old man who just can’t get enough of the gospel! He's already read through all of the Book of Mormon and knows its true! And its only been a week! Crazy! Cindy, who just showed up two Sundays ago randomly to sacrament meeting is doing great! Can’t wait to meet with her again! And then we have Jordan who I met on the street about a month ago. I think he's my favorite, he's 17, play's lacrosse and the first time we met him he said we would have to play catch with him if we were going to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately, he broke his foot like the next day haha and now we just get to teach him the lessons! And we've taught two so far!

Everything is going good here on the east side! Getting a little colder though its been in the 70's this last week haha but its suppose to get colder! Spend time with your families as much as possible! I get to talk to mine tomorrow so excited!! Love each and everyone of you! Til next week!

Much love and Merry Christmas!!!

~Elder Shouse


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