December 15, 2015


Eldersberg/Randalstown, Maryland


Elder Rutter

No transfer! Still me and my companion! :)

Wow! Can't believe its almost Christmas! Feels like last week was Halloween in the MTC. Time really flies! I hope everyone is having a non-stressful week! I was thinking about this yesterday, because I saw a ward member so stressed out about the upcoming holiday, and all the preparation it entails. No matter the distractions we are faced with, it is crucial that we remember what really took place at this time of year! The Birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! This should be our distraction. The other night I was able to be a Shepard in my ward Nativity for the Christmas party. We went in front of the ward and proclaimed the birth of Christ. It was an eye opening experience. These men were visited by an angel and were able to see the Son of God. Lucky guys! How would that make you feel? The Bible tells us they then went forth and told many people of the birth of Christ. I didn't have this profound experience being a shepherd, but a subtle one. I understood what they would have witnessed and I felt the gravity of it in my heart.

This, by far, is my favorite time of year. People are a little nicer and some are a little happier. More open to hearing a message about Christ. This last week we have been able to see people in a different light. Last night we were tracking and we came across this Nigerian man. We had a wonderful discussion of Christ and how each of us were so very grateful for Him. At the end, we were all able to bare our testimony's of the Savior and although this man told us he wasn't interested in hearing more about our Church, Heavenly Father gave each of us a tender mercy and the opportunity to express our gratitude for the Savior to a complete stranger.

Each of us can become stressed about this time and get distracted with the many things going on around us. But I encourage you to each stop take a minute and think about the Savior. This will help you really put things into perspective.

Sorry that this week is short, you are all in my prayers and I hope that each of us can find that little moment to think of Him! Have a great week!

Love you all,
Elder Shouse


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