November 24, 2015



Elder Rutter


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! This last week has been a little different than the rest. We have two baptisms coming up this weekend and we met with both of them this week and they are continuing to progress. But we are really trying to find new investigators! On Tuesday, Elder Rutter and I sat down and went through our whole area book calling people, seeing if we could meet with them, ect. We got five return appointments between tonight and Wednesday. Then there is Thanksgiving on Thursday!

Last week we met with a man named George, very interesting person. He has had a lot of interaction with church members in the past. We were referred to him by Salt lake City. He wanted a bible and he knew by asking the missionaries would come. When I first met with George, I made certain opinions about him, which was wrong to do. After talking for about an hour with him, I had one of the most spiritual experiences in my life. We could see that this man was in a lot of pain and was searching for something. I knew this man truly needed our help. He told us about his family life and certain things I would rather not repeat, but could feel he was longing for a change. We asked him if he wanted a blessing and he agreed. Through the Spirit I was able to be an advocate for Him. I don't really remember exactly what I said during the blessing because it wasn't me talking, but I know what I felt, the Spirit was strong and I know he felt it too. I could feel Heavenly Father’s love for him. Our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us, unconditionally. I hope that as we go through this Holiday season, each of us will be able to feel of that love and also to show it to others! Make sure that as Thursday rolls around and soon Christmas, tell those close to you, and maybe those not so close to you how much you love them! I love each and every one of you and am grateful for your support in all that I do.

And don't worry, I will be fed extremely well on Thanksgiving. We have three different meal appointments that day. The first is at 11, then at 2, and the last is at 6. I have no idea how I am going to eat so much food! Someone told me about this thing called the “Tongan Shuffle.” Its like a squat, and you shimmy a little. I guess its suppose to help you eat more! I laughed when the member told me about it but I am willing to try anything that can help me eat more! Anyways, this weeks letter isn't that long but I’m doing well, grateful for where I am, grateful for my Heavenly Father! Have a good week! Til next week!
Love you all!
Elder Shouse


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