November 2, 2015


MTC, Provo, Utah


Elder Chicken Noodle Soup


So excited for tomorrow! My companion and I have been counting down the hours until we step off that plane in Baltimore! The thing that's been so funny to me is that, in my district, the other companionship's are going to Fiji, Barbados, and Hawaii! Haha… Elder Campbell and I feel like the odd men out! We are going to a place very different to those paradises haha. What’s so funny is that, they are going to be tempted to go into the water everyday, while we will be tempted to throw snowball’s, (which I guess is illegal for missionaries). So to sum things up for you, they are going to be trudging in sand, while we are trudging in snow hah! Anyways this week has been great, although saying goodbye to my teachers, district, zone, ect. has been extremely hard. Elder Campbell and I are the last pair in our zone to leave, everyone else left today! Oh and to give everyone an update on our investigator, she's been doing really well. There are a few things she's been struggling with, but our last meeting with her is today and we hope to invite her to be baptized....I think it will be the answer Heavenly Father wants ;) Yesterday we had our in field orientation. Overall they wanted to get one thought across our minds, which was that missionary work is done through members. With that thought, I encourage each of you to think of someone who you can refer to the missionaries....I attached a photo of my district so you all can see them. Oh and I learned a great lesson this week, don't wash white shirts with white socks that have red in them. Your companions white shirts may turn pink! haha! Sorry Elder Campbell, my bad.

P.S. Bleach fixes everything!

Til next week (IN BALTIMORE!!!)
Love you all,
~Elder Shouse

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Arlana Howton says:
So happy you are having a blast! ♡you ~lana
on November 5, 2015

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