October 16, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Cameron Stone

Best two years of my life!

Hey everyone! I guess this is it! At least for this assignment. Its been the best two years so far. I hope the next are just as good, if not better!

27 Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success.

28 And now behold, we have come, and been forth amongst them; and we have been patient in our sufferings, and we have suffered every privation; yea, we have traveled from house to house, relying upon the mercies of the world—not upon the mercies of the world alone but upon the mercies of God.

29 And we have entered into their houses and taught them, and we have taught them in their streets; yea, and we have taught them upon their hills; and we have also entered into their temples and their synagogues and taught them; and we have been cast out, and mocked, and spit upon, and smote upon our cheeks; and we have been stoned, and taken and bound with strong cords, and cast into prison; and through the power and wisdom of God we have been delivered again.

30 And we have suffered all manner of afflictions, and all this, that perhaps we might be the means of saving some soul; and we supposed that our joy would be full if perhaps we could be the means of saving some.

31 Now behold, we can look forth and see the fruits of our labors; and are they few? I say unto you, Nay, they are many; yea, and we can witness of their sincerity, because of their love towards their brethren and also towards us.

There are many blessings to come and more happiness to be had. I love how our lives are split up into different chapters, each starting with optimism and hope. Each chapter has its own trials, but we always tend to learn something. I know that no matter what happens , it will eventually always work out. I have a testimony in the Savior, I know that we were put here to know Him, and to help others to know Him also. Eventually each of us will come to the same testimony, that He is the Christ, and that He sits on the right hand of our Father. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church, and it can only be known through the Book of Mormon and the Bible, as they go hand in hand. I leave this all with you in the name of Him who has called me to this work, even Jesus Christ, amen.

Soon you soon,
Love you all,
Elder Shouse


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