September 25, 2017


Damascus, Maryland


Cameron Stone

If we Listen

Hey everyone! Another great week! Gene Poor came to church!! We have been teaching Gene for a little while, and he is now really starting to progress. He loved church, and we will hopefully be watching General Conference at his house this weekend!
I had an experience this week that taught me the importance of listening. I am certain whenever we listen to the spirit, that there is an immediate blessing that will follow. We had already been late to a lesson on Tuesday night, but both Elder Vu and I had a strong prompting to go talk to a shirtless guy walking in the opposite direction up the street. As we pulled over and said a prayer before we got out, we could not find the man. Immediately I felt that that I hadn't reacted to the prompting as swiftly as I should have. We sat there for a second thinking about where he could have gone, we walked up about a block and saw him again several blocks down another street. We started to run after this man (cause everyone knows missionaries are actually stockers haha). We finally got to him and immediately he started yelling at us to go bother someone else haha, of course. Partially doubting what I had thought to be a prompting, we began the long and sad walk back to our investigators house. On the way, a lady passed by with a stroller and we stopped and talked with her and set up a return appointment (Savannah), then a with a man that was walking his dog (Rob). Finally, with a couple who were putting groceries in their house (David and Natalie). We were able to set up teaching appointments with each of them and we were able to teach them this past week. They were ready to hear the message we had to share....especially the couple.
Two lessons were learned, the first was: Do not second guess a prompting, and the second was, that blessings come to those that listen. Elder Maxwell relates a story of a man who felt that he had the forces of evil against him. He compared it to two wolfs: The one that wins, is the one that you feed. I’m sure we have all heard that analogy before. Each of us has inner conflicts that we contend with, and one wolf is always beating the other. Listening to the promptings of the spirit, acting upon them, and recognizing the blessings, will feed the good wolf. The wolf that each of us wants to win. Desiring the spirit and promptings from him has given me some of the greatest joy and blessings. I have been able to savor this throughout my mission and hopefully throughout my life. May we each listen a little harder to feel the presence of the spirit. I bare my witness that the key to everything in this life is by having a desire to seek the spirit and his constant companionship. I know this is true with all my heart. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love you all,
Elder Shouse


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