February 3, 2020


San Carlos


Elder Norton

Week 75-Grinding in San Carlos

Things here are going really well! We had more people come to church with some menos activos and investigators that came too, so it was good. This week we were working really hard with Cristian y Mariela, we taught the palabara de sabaduria and Cristian is a real heavy smoker and he is going to quit. So we made a plan for him and I made him give me most of his tobacco. He's smoking a lot less now but still hasn't fully quit but he will get there. We found a guy named Luiciano a while back and we taught him this week and he asked me how he can find more peace in his life and I told him the best way is through following Christ and the best way to follow Christ is to Keep his Commandments and get baptised so he commited to be baptised this month. The field is white here in San Carlos because Garner and I were planning a lot but now it's time to harvest! Thanks all y'all for your support and emails every week. Love y'all!

Ok this week I didn't have my camera but here is one that my comp took of me and of my comp wearing my hat

Actually I think it's just my comp and my hat and his uke.


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