January 13, 2020


San Carlos


Elder Norton

Week 72-Howdy y'all from San Carlos

So first of all I have to apologize for literally not sending anything lately. We've been so busy with all the Holidays and everything. So last week we had emergency transfers and well Elder Garner had to go.... that was sad I'll miss that dude he was fun, but I got called to train.... I'm finally a mission dad and I lucked out I have a awesome new comp. His name is Elder Norton and heys from Indiana. He played football at Utah State for a while so Mom and Dad and all ya aggies fans, go aggies go. So we've gotten along pretty good so far but training is a big responsibility and I'm glad my Heavenly Father trusts me enough. So this week we worked like crazy, learning spanish, learning how to teach, and all that good stuff. We had 2 miracles Saturday we were working like crazy with very little success but well we got lost like down a long street going no where with one house at the end so we were like well lets knock it, and we found Marcia who was literally lost in life looking for guidance. Then on Sunday (Sundays are really hard here cause no one wants to talk) We did planamiento semanal and we left and we were just praying to find somone ready to receive baptism and well.... I have been praying about that for weeks now, and we were walking and from across the street we heard people just yelling Elders so we went and talked and finds out they have been receiving the lessons in another city here but just moved to harvest the pears and they wanted to find the church and finish the lessons and get baptised. I am forever in debt to our Padre Celestial, he has given me so many tender mercies during all my mission. My Dad asked me about the mission work cause he has to talk on it and here is my advice, everyone of us is a missionary so with all of us being missionarys we all have to be ready to do what the Lord calls us to do when the time comes. But doubt not, fear not he is always with us. Also I want to share a thought from Elder Norton that he said while we were talking one night before bed that hit me hard. He said I caynt imagine how our Heavenly Father feels having all of his kids here in this world and not being able to tell them what is right or not and relying on his kids that do know what is right or that have the gospel to share with all of his kids that don't have the gospel in their lives. We have a big responsibility and that will stick with me for a long time!

I'm sorry I'll try to send pics next week my computer is trash.


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