September 23, 2019


Colonial Bombal


Elder Astohuayhua

Week 56-4th Floor Last Door!

Hey y'all. Sorry I have not written in a while. Everything in the Good ole Argentina is going pretty good. We had transfers last week and me and my comp are staying together. This week was a pretty good week I learned a lot about enduring till the end. So there is a famous talk called 4th floor last door that talks about the missionarys that found the wife of Elder Utchdorf and how they knocked all of the doors without success but they didn't give up and eventually they got to the last door and had success.
Well this week me and my comp were knocking doors in a part of our area where there is a big neigborhood... well the only neigboorhood that there is in our area. We started and knocked all of the doors untill it got late without success. When we were about to go home we felt like we should stay and knock the very last street. So we did and in the last house we found un hermano the was baptized a long time ago and none of his family are members and they invited us in and we are helping them now! It was a super neat experience! Just helped me grow my testimony in enduring till the end. Well thats all I have for this week hope y'all are doing good!

Elder Square Mecham


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