April 29, 2019


San Miguel


Elder Halliday

Week 35- 8 Meses!

Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't written a whole lot for all y'all that read this haha. I've been doing pretty good. I'm still in Barrio San Miguel and I'm way happy to say things here have been getting a lot better for this area. We've had some difficulties but we have overcame them. Me and Elder Halliday are working a lot and have some people that are starting to make changes in their lives and it is so exciting to be apart of that process. I've really started to learn more than ever how to forget myself and help others. It has a whole other meaning for me now and I'm so greatful for that.
This week me and Elder Sote de Brazil had exchanges. It was pretty fun but pretty rainy. This week we got a lot of rain. Thursday night when we were heading to exchange comps I was walking in puddles up to my calves. It was pretty fun. Also I was walking a little earlier that day and a car passed by and got me soaking wet just like in the movies. Haha. Besides for that things are going really well. One of my investagators for todo mi tiempo in this area finally came to church and that was a big blessing for me! I hope you guys have a great week and I'm going to try to write more and be better with that!


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