June 2, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue

Week 35 - Service x 10

Hey everyone!!!

So this week will probably be short too because im not going to be emailing to long today... Sowwy.
Anyways this week was pretty busy with service and work and everything else in between. So first with Red Cross.
This week I got to work at the red cross place, well a different one, like three days I think. And seriously this week of service was actually service. Like the last week it was just like sorting out clothes and hanging out with the red cross people teaching them but this week i was sweating like crazy as I worked haha. We carried sooo much food and canned food and more food and milk and everything that you can think of.. I got the best workout of my life ha. Seriously though. But It was still way nice to be able to serve and help those that have been affected by the flood. But good news, the river by where i live, the sava, is like almost down to normal level. So thats happy. But Im pretty sure that was all for the red cross service. Oh ya wait. On of the girls from last week that I always got to work with at red cross has now become an investigator!! Its so awesome and ya she is in the zone leaders area.. again hahah but she is sweet. She also came to english one time for help on her homework and I totally was just able to help her for the like the whole hour and teach her english and the gospel and it was wonderful.
Also this week I was able to go one an exchange with Elder Skircovich the best in the world. Ha he is way sweet and the exchange was nice to get out of my area and a break from normal life and go work with one of my fav elders. Well really almost all the elders here in the district are my favorite so ya. But we were able to work on a new card slash invitation thing for an upcoming event next week. We are going to have a special like meet the mormons sunday and are trying to get as much people as we can so we made a card for that. And then after that we were able to help on of the investigators make his new carwash place. It consisted of a lot of digging dirt and ya lets just say my arms are dead... haha not really but this week has really been a week of service for me. Um what else happened..
Oh ya we are finding and contacting a lot and getting somewhere too. Yesterday we called someone that we contacted a couple days ago and he is willing to meet up with us this week like this tuesday so that would be great for me. This area hasnt been the easiest and to be able to start something would just make the transfer that much better.
Last thing.. Sunday this week was probably one of my favorite sundays so far. It wasn't because we had record numbers or certain investgators there but this week I got to go work with the primary!! it was seriously the best thing in the world. Ive missed being with the primary like crazy and this week the little class of four serbians and 4 americans needed a translator so I was able to go to singing time and the other class i cant remember what it is called and translate for the little kids. It was the best!!! Well that is about it for my week out here in serbia! I love the gospel so much and as hard as it is to share with some of the people out here its amazing and i just keep wanting more. Thanks for all your help and everything!! Love you all
Elder Lowis


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