May 5, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Odiorne

Week 31

Hey Everyone!!

So this week has still been pretty hard. Like its just difficult not being able to do that much anymore since of the sicknesses going around. My companion has still been stuggling with this flu thingamajig but im pretty sure it is getting better and the end is coming near for that so hopefully the last week of this transfer we can go out and kill it.

Anyways last week on pday after emails and what not we went out for lunch together and as we were sitting and eating this lady started talking to us and we got a gospel conversation and it was definitely a miracle there. She was a talker and as we ate our burgers we were able to answer some questions and teach her. It was funny because she was like that makes a lot of sense haha. We got contact information and she even said that she would love to talk with the missionaries and she said she would even make us chili... I haven't had chili since i left ha. That was awesome to see when we were out just enjoying our lunch.

The rest of the week I didnt get out to much and I didnt like that. I got to go one some exchanges with Elder Blackburn and we went hometeaching. Ha ohh i remember the days when Dad and I would go hometeaching and I wouldn't like it too much but man it is soo fun now. It was just nice to because i was able to get out and talk with some of the members and teach talk with them about the message that was shared. We got there and just shared the message and everyone is a convert really hah so they shared conversion stories and one of them showed us pictures of when he was young and in some bands playing the saxaphone. It was the best!!! Ha he was the man back in the day and still is now. They really are wonderful and Elder Blackburn and I were talking after about how much they will be missed when we have to go. The members here are just incredible and that will for sure be a hard day when I get the boot out of here.

On Thursday this week we got to celebrate the first of may and that was way fun. So Prvi Mai is like HUGE here in serbia. We went out to the ada which is like the little island thing and there were soooo many people there. We got to hangout with the members and had tons of meat and grilled stuff and then played games until it started to pour and I mean pourrr. I was legitely soaked by the time I got home. It was hilarious too because when it started raining everyone just started screaming nooo. It was good and we got to interact more with them members and play games together. And one of my teachers from the MTC Sister Jolly came back with her husband and we got to see her again.

We had our Zone Konference this month and it was awesome. We learned a lot about using the Book of Mormon in our finding and using it more in general. That combinied with the spirit is the biggest tool that we have in this work and I gotta take advantage of that. But it was really good and it was the last conference that we had with our senior couple the Goodsells :(

Sunday this week was awesome. We had a pretty good attendance but we were missing some of the usual members there so it was still surprising. Also it being fast sunday, the testimonies born were incredible. All of the members just nailed it on the testimonies and those that didn't come too often, or were less active, got up and bore really powerful testimonies. It was also sad to see the Goodsells have to go but they have done good here and will continue to wherever they are. Thats about it for this week, hopefully we can start getting some more stuff done this week and make some miracles happen.

So a little bit of other news.. Im supposed to skype on sunday, I have honestly no Idea of how that is going to work but... IT WILL. So i guess i might send an email earlier this week to let you know when. And transfers are in a week.. That will be crazy. But thats about all for my week, hope Its all going well for you and Ill talk to you laterss
elder Lowis


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