April 29, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Odiorne

Week - 30 Finding & Working

HELLOOO everyone :)

So this week has been a pretty good week! So i just got back from getting a hair cut and it was wonderful and all and I look like a hansom little european missionary... but all this hair is soo itchy down my back so ya. This might be a little shorter so I can go shower real quick.

So the beginning of the week was still a little difficult and slow but then it picked up at the end of the week. And that is surprising becasue usually it is the other way around. Anyways I went on exchanges this week with Elder Fisher the district leader and it was soo nice because we went out and worked good the two days. Like i work with my companion good but sometimes with the sickness we cant get too much done. So it was awesome because we worked and i came home beat! and ready for bed so that felt good and i loved it. But really I am so thankful for the exchange and I definitely learned from Elder Fisher. We went tracting a good amount when we were together and I think I really learned the meaning of teach when you find and find when you teach. There were doors where I would talk to people about the Book of Mormon for over five minutes at the door or teach most of the first lesson. And it was different. I would talk, ask questions, and the door was staying open longer like way longer. Even if they closed it eventually there was definitely more time for them to accept or deny the spirit and that really impressed me. Elder Fisher is an awesome leader here, just like all of our other leaders and elders and I learn tons from them. But that was about it for that exchange!
We also had a sport activity with the elders and some members on saturday and we went and played basketball. It wasnt too good of a turn out so then we got some boys over there to play with us and that was fun. Im getting a little better and remembering how to play so this time I didnt get dominated on haha.
So this sunday was a hard day for a lot of people. The numbers at church were extremely low and it was kinda sad. Second hour came along and our teacher wasnt here so they asked if the missionaries could do something and everyone was like uhh idk or im sick i dont want to and soo Elder Hixon and I went and taught the second hour. It was so fun and Elder Hixon did a great job and I got to help and its definitely helping me. So that was definitely a plus. Also on the plus side we got to go over to the senior couples place for dinner. This senior couple has been here for a long time and they are leaving in may.. :( Its sad because they are soo cool.. but the dinner was fantastic!! And they will be missed. Nest week we get to meet the new senior couple so that should be fun.
So last of all this transfer is way good because Im learning alot of stuff. The last couple transfers I did learn but I think im already learning even more. The language is coming and I feel a more comfortable when I have to speak. So its all going pretty good here honestly. Elder Odiorne is still sick which is a little worrying and some other elders are getting sick so hopefully that passes quick. But that pretty much sums up the week for me!
Well hope all is going well with everyone and Im going to shower now... Enjoy the rest of the week and soak up the sun for meeee
Elder Lowis


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