April 22, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Odiorne

Week 29 - мрзим кишу...


So this week was a difficult one. Darn. But now it is over, done, and this is a new week and that means new opportunities. So first off this week started out wonderfully. Just like usual and everything was going good. We were able to go out and work and do what we should be doing and I felt great about that even if nothing amazing happened. English this week has been awesome and that helped this week feel good!
So here we have English every Tuesday and Thursday. First on Tuesday the Zone Leaders and us teach but they said if we taught they would buy us a pizza... And so why not? Like free food. Ha so we taught and it was wonderful and then after that we went over to there place and had a big pizza all to ourselves. Definitely a plus ha.
Then on Thursday we had it again and on Thursdays after English we have like a Family Home Evening for investigators and members and whoever wants to come. So this week, even though we have a small class we have been able to get some of them to come to out family home evening after! We did activities with dying eggs and stuff and they had lots of fun. Just a little fun note, Serbians dont hide eggs or anything but one game they play, is after they dye the boiled eggs they go around the hit their egg with someone elses egg and then which ever egg doesnt break wins! So I got to play that game and it was actually way fun. Also, one of the ladies said she always has fun with us so we totally just got the in of teaching her. AND after family home evening was over we knew that one of the English students could play the piano really well and asked is she could play a hymn for us. Elder Hixon and I went downstairs and she played the hymn and then we asked her if she could play in church and she said yes! That was so sweet to because she came to church on Sunday and then even stayed the whole sacrament and the rest of church. Little does she know that she will be an investigator now because she said she could probably play every sunday so getting her to church wont be a problem.. haha slyyy huh?
The rest of the week was hard because Elder Odiorne has been sick and we couldn't work as much. We haven't been able to find that much either due to that and he isn't getting better real quick either. Honestly it was so weird staying home.. Like that was my first day that ive been in or like the first sick day that i have had ever. Thankfully not for me either.
This Saturday we had another sports activity on saturday morning. It was raining so we just had a little table tennis tournament at the church. It surprising how much serbians like to play table tennis and they are all way good. I thought that i was good and phhh nope. Ha this kid name bane in the ward has been playing for three years in a club and I haven't seen anyone beat him. And ya he beat me in the competition 11 to 5. We would have usually played to 21 but I just couldn't take getting beat that much so I had to shorten the pain. And he is 14 fyi..
The sundays here are getting great. We are having good attendance and we are getting close to our mission goal this year. I know we can get there but man its going to be really hard. We are going to have to work like crazy to get there. So easter night!! We got to go to one of the embassy members house and eat dinner! Man I cant even believe how good it was, I put down two plates no probs and just kept going. It was the bestest. And then after easter we played the sign game with there family. I dont know if you remeber that game we played with the family a while a go but we played with them and it was so fun. Just he six missionaries and their family. Aww great times.
Well since I dont have any awesome stories I gotta end with a tiny spiritual thought about easter! Its so wonderful that the savior was resurrected.. Like seriously what would we be without easter..? Angels to the devil.. And that is not something I would want, and if there was any doubt that the Savior wouldn't be able to complete this. then it wouldn't have even happened and we would be.. who knows. But thats just how important Easter is, we can overcome death both physically and spiritually because of him. So lets not just think him about him yesterday, or sunday when we take the sacrament, but everyday. He is risen and I love him soo much.
Well I love you all have a wonderful week and until next week!
Elder Lowis

PS.. the subject says I hate the rain hahha it rained for about 4 days straight this week.....


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