April 14, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Unice

Week - 28

Hey Everyone!! This email will be a little shorter because im short on time and not a lot happened this week.
First little fun for the day. As I was coming here, the bus I was on totally destroyed the mirror of a van.. haha it was just like a big pop and then I had to walk the rest of the way.. it was funny.
So this week was a good week for us. And not a lot new is happening right now but we are still working a lot and doing what we can to make those opportunities. So we have been out finding A LOT. Ha like I can remember when I had the last interview with pres Rowe and I said that I wanted to be better at finding, and really this has been the opportunity to do that. Its really hard but we got out everyday and go finding and I can feel a change, in finding, in the language, and even though nothing has come of it yet, I can feel my faith growing more.
So this week we got let in once and it was a small family. The husband had known a lot about the church and had been taught about everything but still didnt really want it, or see a need for it in his life. And we talked with them and they were the nicest people and then we started to share a message and the husband was like, look its cool if you come hang out with us but please don't share any messages with us..... Ahhhhhh that was so hard for us and we were just SO shocked but we worked with them and they said we could come back again if we want but still no religious talk. So we will go back once more and see what we can do and help them come to a realization of the need for it. But that was a great learning experience for me. That was the first time anything like that had happened and Elder Odiorne and I talked about it a lot later and I am glad that happened and that I could learn from it.
Also this week on saturday we had the opportunity to play basketball in the morning with some of the branch members. It was great and we just keep building better relationships with them. It was fun because i got to practice and remember the good old days of playing or having church ball. Ohhh those were fun. After that i learned something very interesting.. Most serbians cant, or dont know what a cartwheel is haha. It was funny because i didnt like a cartwheel, backflip and they were all like whoa!! So Im teaching them how to do kartwheels now!
Thats about all for this week, its been good and I hope all is going well for alll of you back home. Miss you lots, have fun!

Elder Lowis


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