March 24, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Unice

Week - 25 Let Just Say Eventful

Hey Everyone!!
Otay so this week was just crazy and hard and ahh hahaha. Life goes on, life goes on. And you learn from everything and then go forward. So first little fun incident that happened this week happened last week on monday.. In the afternoon right after I got done emailing. We were walking around in center and everything was all dandy, at this time we were waiting for two branch members because we were going to hang out with them. And all of a sudden a deep kinda scary voice was talking to me from behing and low and behold it was my friend the cop.. hahah ahhh serbian cops are ridiculous. Im not even kidding you know how people make blonde jokes at home, serbs make cop jokes here haha. Anyways we tried to just have a lovely conversation but he wanted passports visas and everything.. not cool right?? Like what were we even doing wrong.. nothing. haha so he pretty much said we arent alowed to be here and we had to go to the police station. I said no.. haha I wasnt really in the mood and we talked some more and then he said if we took our tags off we could walk away. I said no. ha but then i kinda realized that i wasnt going to get anwhere with him so then i took it off, put it in my pocket and walked away. And the cop was even nice enough to say if he saw us again with that tag he would take us to the staion. Otay big boy haha so if i see him again Ill get a good workout from running haha jk I wont see him. So that was fun.
And then on to the rest of the week.. so we were shopping real quick for some food real quick one day and then I ran into some guy who was giving the tag stare down so I started talking to him. He was way nice and he was studying theology for the orthodox church here. He was cool and I got to talk to him, he said that he has studied the church a little bit and that maybe we could talk. It was great and I still have to follow up on that one but im kinda in a new place now so that not going to work out. but its all good.
Also this week President Rowe came to serbia and had a district meeting with us and interviewed us all and that was awesome. Gosh I love that guy so much and wish he could come here more often but he has 4 other countries to take care of too so ya. But the district meeting was way good with him and his wife. And he and his wife also spoke in our sacrament meeting!! We had a very good number of people there and quite a few investigators and man they nailed it. They spoke on taking that step of faith. It funny because too many people just want to know, if i do this then i want this to happen but thats not faith at all. You first take that step and then hope for the best and trust that everything will get taken care of by the Lord. And know that whatever happens is the best for YOU at that time. Whether it be good or bad. And that was awesome to hear and I know the investigators there loved it.
Alright and now for the best part of the week!! Got to save the best for last you know. So this thursday Elder Hixon, one of the zone leaders, asked me to go on this lesson with him. Now I knew this individual pretty good and we were already pretty good friends so I was like heck ya ill come. So we had this temporary split for this first lesson with the guy named johnny.. no thats not how its spelt in serbian but thats how it sounds haha. And oh man that lesson we had was wonderful. We got his friend Dushan who is in the branch in and man it was sooo awesome. The zone leaders were already teaching his dad so he was even more prepared. We went through our lesson really well and then at the end I looked at elder hixon and then we just invited him to be baptized!! And he looked at us and was like.. ya ill do it. AHH that was so awesome. Its like kinda hard because now he isnt in my area but I was there to invite him to be baptized and thats soo cool.
And now for the end... Ha this whole week we where slowly moving and that was crazy. I got to stay with my trainer for another week since there was a baptismal service in tuzla where my new companion is coming from and got permission to stay for another week not to miss it. So he will be here tomorrow and that will be exciting. And clarification... It not a new area im opening. Its been opened but its huge... and the two elders there have barely gone to where i am. So we will have 4 elders in novi belgade now!!
Well that was about all for my crazy stressful week haha. I love you all and hope the best. Sve najbolje haha Lovesss
Elder Lowis


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