March 17, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Unice

Week - 24 This Transfer should be interesting...

Ah this week was a great week for me. It was definitely probably one of the most busy weeks I have had here and I just love that. Alright so for this week we didn't have any training (thats a good thing because it means im just a normal missionary now!!) so we were on the normal schedule and that pretty nice. Honestly Im not a fan of hanging around at the apartment so getting out a little early was totally good with me.
Alright well this week was a week of tons of service. We had the opportunity to work with a less active member named Žika a lot and that was reallyyy hard and long but I totally loved the work. We pretty much dug up his backyard and started working towards it becoming a garden. Like just two makeshift shovels and a hoe... haha it was very good and Im pretty sure a lot of charater was built in that time haha. But we went there like I think Thursday Friday and Saturday. That was really fun and it was a great experience for Elder Unice and I to work with some of the less actives in the branch and then see them at church the next morning.. ahh that always gets me and I cant help but just smile :)
Also this week we had an awesome experience that was way random and out of the blue. So pretty much we got a phone call one day for someone named Milos that wanted to talk with us. We talked briefly on the phone and then set up an appointment with him this week. We thought it was this one guy on the bus that we talked to but when we came to the meeting it was some different guy and I was like what the heck I have never even seen you before. And we asked him how he heard about the church and and he said one of our investigators named Stevan told him and he was interested so we got to talk to him and teach him a little bit. It was really great too because we thought that Stevan was done with the church because he wasnt responding or anything but we found out that he has been in Greece and will be there for a little while. That was really awesome and good things are just happening here so im so excited to stay and work here some morein serbia. Oh wait im not supposed to tell you about transfer calls this week yet.. haha
This Sunday was a little low on numbers there but it was great too because we got to see the whole Esen family there and Nana passed the sacrament. This family is recent converts and they have been having the time of there life here.. not. Like really it is problem after problem but they are so awesome. Nana is from Ghana and his wife is serbian and they have two little kids and hopefully he will be getting the Melchizedek Priesthood soon. Ah I was soo happy for that to see it all go well for a bit ha.
And then to end the week I got to go on a split with Elder Hixon to teach an investigator named Toma. His wife got re activated a while ago so now they are working with him. That was such a good time and I really did enjoy teaching with Elder Hixon. He is really a great leader here and is doing good stuff and I definitely look up to him. He is from az too so we are pretty much besties not even kidding.. Overall that lesson went wonderful and he is going to be baptized too!!! Ahh he isnt even my investigator but i honestly dont care because I know that i had the opportunity to help him come closer to the Lord. Thats ALL I care about.
Last thing.. haha we had an awesome day on staurday because we got to play soccer!!! We had like a couple branch member and us misionarys and an awesome 16 year old investigator that is friends with one of the branch kids. And it was awesome because he was way good and im alright so we totally played together for most of the time and now we are so cool. I just love being friends with all these people.
Ahhh wait i have to talk about transfers briefly.. Soo Im moving to a new area, like an area no one has gone to and its in new beograd.. with a companion that is a transfer older than me. Oh man im going to have soo much fun. haha ill let you know more about it later this is soo long.
But that was about all for this week, it was wonderful and I am definitely looking forward to the next transfer. Well love you all and talk to you all next week
Love Elder Lowis


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