March 3, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Unice

Week - 22, Grateful and Working Hard

Well hello there everyone!
Um this week was honestly a pretty slow week. Not that is was bad or anything it was just very blahh. Ha so for last pday on monday it was way relaxed and I loved that. I can always go for those relaxing days. We pretty much played cards for a long time with the other elders in the district and ha we did not want to stop. So that was a good day to have some fun here.
And the rest of the week.. um well I dont even know what to say. Its like i have these awesome weeks where I have some sweet stories to share and then other week I have about absolutely nothing.
Actually for english class we have one guy named Josip that loves to play ping pong with me before and this week he wanted to talk about the Book of Mormon. He has a past of just liking to argue and bible bash and what not but this time was alright. We talked and answered his questions and now he said that he wanted to meet again. He really is an awesome guy and he knows a lot about the gospel.. just thinks we dont have it all and his religion which is some weird one I have never herd of has it all. But we will work with him and see what happens!
Also we worked alot this week on tracting an contacting people. One funny thing, I knocked one door of the elderly lady and tried talking to you and then she paused for a second and said in sebian, "I dont speak this language" and the closed the door hahah i could not help but laugh. It was so funny. But anyways we had a lot of our appointments fall through and thats always unfortunate but thats life. Sometimes free agency just doesnt work well with our schedules hahaha. But the work here is progressing slowly but surely.
Apparently Everyone went to the gilbert temple dedication without me.. Not fair guys. Haha i cant wait to go there one day! So one cool thing actually happened after our district meeting. But not miracle cool so dont get too excited. haha So we totally found this awesome old fashioned diner called intergalactic burger and aw that was soo good! I might even go there again this week sometime.
Well sorry this email is super short and very boring but I would rather keep everything on a positive note and just be happy about everything. And thankful. I seriously could have it wayy worse and what not but am man I am one lucky kid.
Well my time is out, but have a wonderful week everyone!
Love Elder Lowis


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