February 25, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Unice

Week 21 - Rain, Rain, Go Away

Dobar Dan Svimaaaaaaa
Hey Hey Hey haha well this week was soo fun. Ha we had a lot of stuff go on this week so hopefully this email can be interesting. Ha where do i start..? Monday? yaa
Otay so monday was p-day and actually we didnt that much BUT i didnt tell you about two pdays ago so i will tell you about that one. Alright so for that day we got to go to a place called Kalmegdon... hopefully that is how you spell it. idk. But it was awesome, its like this huge old war sight with like this castle and a moat and all this weapons and stuff. There were tons of tanks to and it had a sweet view of Belgrade and i got a couple pictures. Ill try and send some later today. But we hung out there for most of pday and then came back.
Tuesday was pretty boring... Pretty much we just taught our English class and I got to play ping pong some more with my best bud Josip. Its funny because he is so good and talks the fastest, most jumbled serbian i have ever heard, but we still have a wonderful time. Ha I understand the score he says all the time and thats all that matter right? haha no its way fun.
Ok Wednesday was pretty interesting. So that night we went to this area that was way far away from our place. It took like a 40 min bus ride to get there.. Anyways we got there and right as we got off the bus a wonderful man started talking to us... haha he was sooooo wasted it was funny. He tried to talk english to us and it made no sense at all the only thing that i understood was welcome in belgrade with his beer held high in the air. haha then we went out and worded along the area, contacted and all this fun stuff and it was time to go back, so we get on the bus and guess what? He was right behind us on the bus. Just my luck. haha he talked to us and what not and then he told us to come hang out and get some "juice" with him haha. We were like aww why not. So we walked around, he got another beer and offered us some, we said no and so he was like ok i buy coke for you. Ha so that night we got two cokes from a very drunk guy. We left a pass along card with him.. Idk what will happend with that.
Then Thursday. We had Elder Charles from the Area 70 Presidency come and speak to the Belgrade District. It was awesome to hear and he was so funny. He is from England and it was so funny to hear such a strong english accent.
And then Friday we had zone conference most of the day. Elder Charles was there again and he talked for most of the conference and it was nice.
K i gotta finish this email up real quick.. So update on the famous guys. Well Omega is leaving.. Sad. BUT he is going to play in Podgorica in Montenegro about 11 hour away!! We have to elders for that country and they will be able to talk to him so hopefully that goes well. Its all out of my hands now. Im going to miss that guy.
This week ways awesome for studies too. I have gotten some books here and there and i am reading this book called the infinite atonement.. MY favorite book so far. Its incredible and I know i will never be able to understand everything about it but that book has taught me soo much.. Im so thankful for the atonement. I love it. I need it. I want to live it!!
Oh ya and this week it seriously rained like half of the week.. I think one day in the rain can be fun but when i was walking around in the rain like day after day... Aww not so fun. Well that was my week! Hope it was entertain for you just like it was for me!! hahah Love you all have a wonderful week and have fun!
Elder Lowis


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