February 10, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Unice

Week 19

Dear Everyone,
Haha another week has just flown by my friends. The principle of time just blows my mind.. sometimes its too fast, sometimes its tool slow, and then in other places time doesnt exist. All i know now though is that time just goes by so fast and sometimes that is good but others it would be nice if it could slow down so i could just enjoy it to the fullest. Alright enough of that talk, and on with my week!
Well last pday was pretty fun. For most of the day we kinda jersey hunted... Ha serbia has a sweet all star team jersey that i really want but cant find. One day. Then that night we got invited to family home evening for the district president because the serbian elder was going serve in croatia for the next transfer. It was pretty fun but they have some young ones and a small place and sometimes its soo crazy haha. It was way fun though and they fed us some food and I will never say no to that!
This Wednesday was pretty cool too. After all the changes from the transfer we got a new district leader for our district. He is so sweet and totally wanting to get a lot of work done over here in belgrade during this next 6 weeks. And ya its going to be weird to because after this transfer we change back to 9 week transfers so idk how that will be.
And friday.. That was a pretty busy day. So let just say that while me and my companion were going to lunch with the zone leader i happened to see the best serbian souvenir ever!! I couldnt get it because i was on a bus so i told my comp that we were walking back home the long way so i could get this.. Hoping it was still there. haha after lunch we were walking home and sure enough there it was. Untouched and freee. hahha i totally picked it up and took it home and now when i get home there will always be a piece of serbia for me :) I would tell you what it is but its just one of those things i have to show you so sorry just disregaurd all that, im just still so happy about it. After that we had a meeting with the mission leader in the branch. I guess that is what you could call him. His name is Vladan and he is like 22 preparing to leave on a mission now. He get to meet with us like every so often and talk with us about the work and maybe if we could get some activities with ward to help invite investigators and what not. And to finish off the day i got to meet with the karlica family for a lesson. They are so awesome and always make little goodies and give us coke or pepsi, like the only sodas here. So that went pretty well but i am learning that serbians can have this real stubborn side to them. Its annoying... haha. but there are progressing slowly but surely and hopefully that will continue.
Alright last thing. This sunday one of the ward members, Lilja, offered to make us a lunch after church. So we hung out after the church for like an hour and ate lunch with her and her son. Oh my goodness she makes the best serbian food ever. We had this big plate of food and I finished it and was like aww man that was soo good but hard to finish. I mean im a little guy i can only fit so much food in my body. and then she surprised us with desert.. homemade apple strudel. That too was amazing but lets just say I felt like thanksgiving times 2 afterword haha. it was the best. But that was my week and i have plenty more to go!! Stay tuned haha. Im so thankful for this opportunity i have to be here. Its amazing and i couldnt ask for more. I love you all and have a wonderfull week!!!
Love Elder Lowis


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