February 3, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Hixson

Week 18 - First Transfer Check

Zdravo Svima!!
So Hello again!
This week was awesome! So first off i think this was the coldest week ive been here. And its not like freezing temperatures (dont get me wrong its pretty cold, cold enough for this mesa arizona boy) but then on top of that there were like 40 mile and hour winds.... I hated that. Ha so it was cold and my face frozeeee!! It was so cold. And it was so windy that one day we were on a bus and som dumpsters got blown into the road. Metal dumpsters... haha they arent that big but still it was windy!! Its calmed down though so its not to bad now.
So last pday we were able to go visit Titos grave and this museum for him. Apparently he was this really influential leader of serbia i dont really know too much about it but it was a really nice grave. ha i got lots of pictures of the place and of everything in the museum so that was an eventful pday for us. Oh ya transfers!! So this week one of the elders in my district went home... :( sad he was a sweet guy but it was his time to go back to Australia! And im going to be staying here in Belgrade with my same comp for another 6 weeks! Its been a pretty good transfer and hopefully this next one gets even better. We have lots of work to do to keep this place going and im all up for that!
Also aww i couldnt forget to tell everyone about this. Soo one day some elders were walking... interesting huh, haha and found the best place in serbia to eat. Its called Arizona Burger!! How legit is that?? I was so excited when i heard that, and there is another elder here from gilbert and so we all went there and got burger and awww let me just say i missed that. They werent totally like american burgers but they were close enough! it was so dang good though and we are definitely going to go back sometime.
Alright and now i will end with an awesome experience that i had this week. So it was late at night around like 7:30 and we were like um well lets go tract somewhere. My comp isnt really a fan a tacting so he wasnt really up for the idea but we get on the bus and start riding. We were right in the middle of the bus and this guy kept staring at my Bom i was carrying. Alright i dont know serbian well so i was like, alright what am i going to say to this guy to start a conversation i can understand. I thought for about 30 seconds and then all of a sudden he just says, can i see that book?? hahaha i was like you bet your boots you can! Jk i dont know how to say that in serbian so then we talked with him for like 30 min on the bus while we had a nice audience watching us and he took the book and gave us and email!! It was so awesome and then my trainer was like man that was nice, thats only happened to me one other time on my mission, where someone asks about it. So that totally pumped up my week this week and it was just awesome. Later i was thinking about this experience and i was prepared.. I hadnt always carried a bom around but that night i just did. The lords provides stuff like that when we show him we are ready. Willing to act. So be prepared for miracles and yes they will come!! But that was this week I love you all and hope its going well!
Elder Lowis


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